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From Twitter 01-15-2011

  • 01:10:45: RT @COCOofficial: Sometimes, you talk to an ex. Then you go oh yeah, thats why....
  • 01:14:58: RT @jlist: 84 Of 97 Congress Representatives Supporting NBC/Comcast Merger Took Comcast Money http://j.mp/fud1nz
  • 03:53:19: Wait. This came from GAMELOFT!? I guess they're running out of ideas to blatantly steal from better developers. http://bit.ly/dQ89iT
  • 04:35:13: Dreamcast Collection, so far, looks like it won't be seeing PS3. I smell an "enhanced" release later for PS3. http://bit.ly/esQu9u
  • 04:57:23: Another interesting fact: from the looks of things, the Dreamcast Collection is going to *SUCK*.
  • 14:40:33: As a Jets fan, I'm dreading tomorrow's game. Absolutely petrified. New England is likely going to walk all over us and our idiot coach.
  • 14:41:48: RT @COCOofficial: I would quit Facebook but where else am I going to talk to people from high school I never liked?
  • 14:44:14: RT @dmataconis: Memo to people watching television at 3am: No, there really aren't any hot women going to college in their pajamas.
  • 15:18:47: Note the factual inaccuracies in this article by someone calling themself "SephirothX". http://bit.ly/eOefLP
  • 15:25:18: Note to aspiring writers: your curse words are like punches. Jab them in to set up larger points. Don't punch yourselves out.
  • 15:25:57: You new writers who use "fuck" every other sentence just come off as juvenile, and like most juveniles, you will likely be ignored.
  • 15:26:31: I had a time when I thought writing like that made me edgy, too. Then I hit my 20s.
  • 15:27:04: Though to be fair, I read some of my work even as far back as 2008. And I cringe. So there's hope for you all yet!
  • 19:40:59: There had better be an *exceptional* reason why this place has college basketball on and not the NFL
  • 21:37:38: Couple days late, but credit to Glenn Beck for being the bigger man in regards to Obama's speech. http://huff.to/fYb5ER
  • 21:40:58: You know... maybe Atlanta's coaching staff should bring back that Schottenheimer flavour. Talk about a bad call.
  • 21:43:34: I almost want the NHL to bring back the Hartford Whalers just so every other shitty Connecticut team can stop using the name.
  • 21:45:49: I love it when I have one disagreement with someone, and they end up blocking me. Oh well, your loss you weak-willed cunt.
  • 22:29:19: Real leaders come back from a hard-luck interception. I guess we're learning something about Matt Ryan today.
  • 22:58:07: RT @JPosnanski: How would you like it if Mr. "I've missed weddings, I've missed births, but I've never missed a Super Bowl" was your Dad?
  • 22:58:22: RT @JPosnanski: A last thought on Mr. Every Super Bowl - guessing there's a reason his friends, family schedule weddings on Super Bowl S ...
  • 23:06:31: Welp! Looks like it's Dark Cloud 2 time! #thisgameisover

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