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From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 18:09:37: RT @tommyxtopher: There are no #Jets fans breathing easy with that lead. There's no such thing as a comfortable lead, or a comfortable J ...
  • 18:10:13: Personally, I won't be breathing easy until the Jets are *in* Pittsburgh. That's part and parcel of being a Jets fan.
  • 18:12:48: ... A show about pawn shops? Are we officially out of ideas?
  • 18:13:11: I consider myself a rational sports fan. With that said... FUCK YOU SIMMONS! YEAH! WHOO! WHOO!!! RT @sportsguy33: I'm not enjoying myself.
  • 18:19:51: I thought the Patriots had a good line? It seems like they're shaken up a bit. This is rare.
  • 18:45:52: Maybe I should start taking OnLive very seriously. Via Libe Goad at ZDNet. http://zd.net/h7Svte
  • 18:49:22: I don't see what the problem is in signing Albert Pujols. 9 years, $270m. Bang. Sign the dotted line.
  • 18:50:11: Fixed that for you. RT @dmataconis: The Pro-Bowl shouldn't be played.
  • 18:51:31: Shit. #Jets
  • 19:00:59: WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. #Jets #imsoarticulate
  • 19:03:18: I know the focus should be on the pizza, but the thing I notice about Dominos commercials is that they have some very fuckable women in them
  • 19:04:14: "For those expecting 60 Minutes, you're watching the NFL on CBS..." Because the shot of the big football field wasn't telling enough.
  • 19:06:00: I'm shocked at the amount of Giants fans, like @dmataconis and @JVB, who are rooting for the Jets today. Didn't expect that.
  • 19:07:31: I think Patriots fans might have a legitimate beef with the officials today. Not the reason they're losing, but they have a beef.
  • 19:14:12: I notice that Brady doesn't like to run much. If he'd have run, he'd have had a chance there.
  • 19:17:01: HUGE TURNOVER. I think,, for the first time, we're in good shape!
  • 19:20:50: Shit. A first down there would have ended the game with a two score difference.
  • 19:29:28: The only people who would be nervous at this point are Browns fans and Jets fans. Oh wait...
  • 19:33:36: GAME!
  • 19:37:11: OK... now the hard part. Do we have enough left for Pittsburgh?
  • 19:38:11: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! XDRT @twelveicings: @superbus #youaresoarticulate? ;)
  • 19:40:14: RT @sportsguy33: Outcoached, outplayed, outeverything. Congrats to the Jets. Rufus and I are walking to Vancouver.
  • 19:53:52: Next week's NFL games are going to be so amazing. Too bad the NFL wants *nothing* to do with Bears vs. Jets in the Super Bowl.
  • 19:54:12: RT @BigSamTweets: #haiti cannot catch a break. Does Duvalier think he has a right to come back after everything he and his father did to ...
  • 20:25:51: My fiancee, guys! RT @Samarecarm: Sign I don't know jack about sports: I thought the Superbowl was tonight. XD *Chris has an apoplexy*
  • 20:43:51: I figure when you have a leader named "Baby Doc", he can't be up to any good.
  • 20:51:37: Hear that, game sites? Give those 90s out, or YOU WILL DESTROY THE INDUSTRY! http://bit.ly/hAAqSI
  • 21:32:03: If you didn't know what the biggest franchises and publishers were in gaming, you would after reading this month's Game Informer. #shitshow
  • 22:18:48: So there's a rumour of a new Metroid being announced on Wed. After the last one, I'm not totally enamoured at that prospect.
  • 22:19:19: I mean, unless we want to see even more of Samus Aran being turned into some Livejournal reading little bitch with daddy issues.

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Jan. 17th, 2011 01:51 pm (UTC)
Look at all that squee in your tweets. XD
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