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From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 00:06:35: So, have you ever worked out so hard that you puked, and almost had a stroke? This is why I don't like running indoors.
  • 00:06:53: Or, I could just be a fucking idiot who tries too hard to make up for my natural deficiencies. Either or. #toofuckingweak;
  • 00:08:34: RT @birdchick: RT @AndyCronin: Twitter= I need to pee. Facebook= I peed! Foursquare= I'm peeing here. Youtube= Watch this pee! LinkedIn ...
  • 01:12:52: Still have a headache. Still having issues moving. Food is helping, but not enough. Maybe I'm just weak?
  • 01:34:27: My cat looks adorable whenever she sleeps on my jacket, but I'm getting tired of sifting cat hair off of it. #thesheader
  • 01:40:15: "See Aaron (Glazer), you should be voting on these!" MUST. RESIST. URGE TO SAY SOMETHING INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE.
  • 03:50:16: Good news: I am feeling somewhat human again. This is an improvement from before, where I was about having a stroke.
  • 03:50:54: Bad news: in their fervor to get me nutrients, my family fed me eggs, juice, pasta (w/ tomato sauce), and cheese.
  • 03:51:12: The result of this: a turf war happening in my digestive system. It will not end well. #breakouttheds
  • 03:54:44: So what do I play on my frequent sojourns to the bathroom: Etrian Odyssey III, or do I start a 4 Heroes of Light game?
  • 04:40:31: Holy shit a new Cannon Fodder! Let's write this fucker up!
  • 04:55:02: RT @TheDCD: Final Fantasy XIII-2. OK, these guys are running out of ideas. Where's my new Chrono game? *stomp*
  • 05:00:31: He turned it into an add for the new Fight Night, but bully to Peter Moore for fighting back against sport game hate! http://bit.ly/gon8eq
  • 05:21:23: I'll report on Cannon Fodder later. I have some questions into the developers that I would want answered first.
  • 05:40:01: I'm starting to seriously dislike LinkedIn. I refuse to use a service that wants me to upgrade to do just about anything.
  • 05:52:11: RT @ValleyIndy: No school today in Ansonia, Derby, Oxford, Seymour and Shelton.
  • 05:52:32: So we're getting a new Final Fantasy XIII-2. Well, whoop-de-fucking-do.
  • 05:53:03: It's funny. For all the crying Squeenix did about the graphics in FFXIII, they don't mind making another game, do they? Funny that.
  • 06:19:59: I don't know what's made me so sick. All I know is that it's 6:20AM and I cannot stop SHITTING MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT. #tmitweets
  • 06:34:34: RT @ValleyIndy: Accident reported, Route 8 south at Seymour Avenue in Derby. #cttraffic
  • 06:40:16: I think I'm going to have to let @DHGFMadson handle the FFXIII-2 announcement news-wise. If I handle it, There Will Be Wank from our readers
  • 07:29:26: So Codemasters says that the new Cannon Fodder is Russia/CIS only. Meh, I think GFI was gonna fuck it up anyway. #nothingtoseehere
  • 16:38:45: As a Comcast customer who has exactly zero alternatives for other ISPs, today is a horrible, horrible day.
  • 16:44:27: Susan Bysiewicz is running for Senate! Wow! What an insane level of audacity after the gong show she ran in 2010! http://bit.ly/ijcd36
  • 18:01:19: RT @ErikaS981: If I liked Sonic(which I don't) I'd go there today just so the car hops could get the full experience of working in new E ...
  • 18:17:00: Everyone give some props to @DHGFMadson. He's become a decent little Squeenix correspondent considering his inexperience.
  • 18:35:36: I'm kinda glad @ValleyIndy has moderated comments today. Makes it less tempting to post "shut the fuck up, Sharpeye".
  • 19:12:32: I should livetweet my playing of the Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes ROM. Though to be honest? I'm not expecting great things.
  • 19:13:39: I'm only happy because the ROM leaking is a big, hearty "fuck you" to Squeenix. Anything that goes against what Yoichi Wada wants is good.
  • 19:26:47: I'm starting to despise this woman. RT @JenAMcPadden: More snow on Friday! Everyone excited? #CTWeather
  • 19:34:09: So Martha Blackburn is conservative about net regulation... unless it comes to the US pulling the plug on "rogue" sites http://bit.ly/eNfMLn
  • 19:34:44: Basically, this woman is saying that equal rules = BAD. But kowtowing to the music and movie lobbies = GOOD FOR US ALL.
  • 19:35:28: (Meant to say MarSha Blackburn, not MarTha Blackburn. Still, I have a rule: if you're from Tennessee, you cannot regulate the internet)
  • 21:00:48: How anyone can be a Catholic is beyond me. Your church - and your God - have abandoned you. http://bit.ly/eBlxA4
  • 21:04:54: I have to wonder how much the French are paying people like these. http://es.pn/h64K5R #lance
  • 22:11:33: Dude could probably STILL skate 15 minutes in an NHL game. RT @motherpucker: Happy 50th birthday Messier!
  • 23:17:38: I'm trying to convince my fiancee to put Linux on her mother's laptop. It should be noted that her mother and I hate each others' guts.

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