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From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 01:22:59: AGAIN with @dmataconis and @keder? With friends like each other...
  • 02:16:39: My quickie review of Faery: Legends of Avalon: I hope you like fetch quests and incomplete text areas. This won't be pretty.
  • 02:48:30: OK, enough of this bullshit with Faery. For those of you still up, I will begin a livetweet of Crimson Echoes' gameplay!
  • 03:42:19: OK, work put me off, but enough bullshit. Let's start the glorified fanfiction!
  • 03:45:04: So we start off... with the creators telling us about the project. It's a modern game, alright: unskippable tutorials! #crimsonechoes
  • 03:46:22: They're saying they have lives, so it might not be perfect, so be nice. Because fanbrats listen to reason SO well. #crimsonechoes
  • 04:00:24: Nice to see it's established that Crono is indeed nailing Marle, but lives at home. Guess even the future king has to save money.
  • 04:01:56: So far, the music, environments and everything else seem similar. That might be the ROM hack talking. #crimsonechoes
  • 04:15:38: Now the game is teaching me about Lucca's new time-travel throries with some standard tutorials. Pretty well thought out.
  • 04:17:53: LOL! The old man in the Mayor's house tells you to make sure you're using a new version fo ZSNES. Fourth wall, it has been shattered.
  • 04:23:34: Think I found my first bug with #crimsonechoes. There's a Black Tyrano where the big rapping robot used to be in Leene Square.
  • 04:23:53: It says "Temporarily disabled", then it fights you, kills you, and... nothing. You can walk around while dead, like nothing happened.
  • 04:44:15: The story of this game moves a bit fast. There are some parts that need better extrapolation, but that's an amateur effort for you.
  • 04:59:17: "Wha? Don't you remember? I hate that formal crap!" That was FROG saying that. #rage #noreallyrage #yourdoingitwrong
  • 05:01:19: And when the fuck did Magus ever call himself the Reaper? I knew this would be like fanfiction, but this isn't even GOOD fanfiction!
  • 05:02:39: Just got my first glimpse of the new character cutouts. Let's just say the artist has some explaining to do.
  • 05:23:40: I notice the game is a little tougher coming out. It's not for people that haven't played CT, that's for sure.
  • 05:23:58: OK, enough of this. I'll play more tomorrow, alongside Aileen.
  • 05:28:31: My early impressions of Crimson Echoes: :/ That's all I have to say so far: :/
  • 12:30:03: If Joe Lieberman had any dignity left, his whole announcement would be "I'm terribly sorry", followed by ritually disemboweling himself.
  • 12:30:54: Our long national nightmare is over. RT @ValleyIndy: I just ousted @mozactly as the mayor of Valley Independent Sentinel on @foursquare!
  • 12:47:35: My opinion on the 3DS is the same as any console: wait for the kinks to be worked out, and for other good games to be released.
  • 12:47:58: I normally advocate waiting for price drops. That won't happen here - not Nintendo's MO - but at least wait until the holidays, I feel.
  • 12:56:12: Did Lieberman just compare himself to JFK? #gotoyourroom
  • 13:04:27: RT @jaseliberty: Sen. Lieberman, you did good on repealing DADT, but you pretty much sucked on everything else. #warmonger #bigspender
  • 13:15:21: This article only shows me one thing: good luck getting another job, Gina Holmes. http://bit.ly/gi5QI5
  • 13:20:19: I'm calling it now: Linda McMahon vs. Ned Lamont for CT's '12 Senate race, and Linda can win if the economy is still struggling.
  • 13:21:14: I understand that Susan Byseweicz is also in, but if you think she has a chance after that Bridgeport debacle, I have a bridge to sell you.
  • 16:10:00: Walking Around downtown Seymour. I have to ask: is Seymour's entire economy antique shops and pizza joints?
  • 17:14:10: He's clearly as crazy as a can of Pringles, but I have to admit, Sharpeye's latest verbal exercise had me cracking up a bit.
  • 17:17:52: Aileen just had a glee-induced heart attack. RT @hatsuyuki: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lcxwzjzNXE1qctkcl.jpg omg
  • 17:44:40: Jesus Christ, they didn't even wait for Tron Evolution to completely bust before Propaganda Games went down. What the fuck.
  • 18:25:43: Big day in NY area sports! Brian Cashman shits on his new reliever at his press conference, and the Nets' owner shits on Carmelo Anthony!
  • 18:26:37: I don't know who's more distraught: Nets fans, or Richard Hamilton, because that bother's stuck in DNP-CD hell now.
  • 18:27:27: OK, Twitterfeed's pissing me off. Any alternatives? @dmataconis, what do you use?
  • 23:00:26: Today, the new House flexed its muscles! Tomorrow, the old Senate will send them back to whence they came.
  • 23:04:38: This man got elected!? RT @CongJoeWilson: WE JUST REPEALED OBAMACARE! http://bit.ly/egPkqm
  • 23:18:26: Little lesson for people: whatever you are, if you have to tell people you're it, you're not it.
  • 23:32:51: Just an announcement that I will be on the @postgamereport with the usual crew tomorrow night! Always a good time when I guest on that show.
  • 23:33:17: (though I have no idea what the hell this thing is between @soldierX and @TheDCD)
  • 23:52:01: So President Obama hosted Hu Jintao. I wonder if he even thought to bring up the cases of Ai Weiwei and Liu Xiaobao over his lobster salad.

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