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From Twitter 01-20-2011

  • 02:11:20: The Calgary Flames playing like they did today is like inviting family over, and letting them in as your youngest child is fucking the cat.
  • 02:14:02: The Toronto Maple Leafs playing like they did today is like going over to your friends' house and letting their cat rape you.
  • 03:34:27: RT @billhicksdotcom: "There's a Living God who will talk directly fuckin' to you...not thru the pages of the Bible that forgot to mentio ...
  • 05:04:46: Yaaaaah! Konami bought out Hudson? Shit, and I was about to go to sleep, too!
  • 16:08:09: RT @warbiany: JFK really was taking his orders from the Pope, not the Constitution: he only fucked Marilyn bareback. #naturaladulterypla ...
  • 20:35:23: Two to six inches of snow is cause to call a "snow emergency" now? When did we become total pussies?
  • 20:38:30: I got about a half hour to try to see if i can get this non-shitty microphone working. So far, no good.
  • 22:03:32: About to start recording @postgamereport. We're not even recording and we're already getting going. This will be interesting.

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