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From Twitter 01-21-2011

  • 00:39:25: Oh shit, son. I just hit *that spot* in Etrian Odyssey III. Have to make a major decision.
  • 00:40:20: I'm actually going to do this different: I'm going to do it *without* referring to the FAQ. Actually role playing? How about that shit?
  • 02:26:53: Are "girl gamers" still a novelty? Really? There are women that still sell themselves as that, and expect to be taken seriously?
  • 02:31:33: Look, ladies: if you sell yourself as a "girl gamer" in 2011, I and others, by default, think of you as a talentless whore. That's the fact.
  • 02:32:27: If you want to be taken seriously, do what @DHGFAileen, @DevilOfSparda and @Chupacaubrey do: play games, and just *happen* to be a female.
  • 10:45:35: Dear scheduler: you know where Derby is, right? When you have me go to Berkshire (MA) for three games, please don't make them Squirts.
  • 10:46:41: I really don't mind the drive too much, but if you're sending me driving for three hours two ways, I have to be making more than $70.
  • 11:57:52: Hello to my new followers! Just a reminder to also consider @DHGFAileen, @DevilOfSparda, @DHGFMarkB and @DHGFMadson.
  • 22:12:15: So I've been not around all day. What's happening? Oh, MSNBC just fired Keith Olbermann? Well, that was fucking stupid.
  • 22:20:45: If it's true that Olbermann was pushed out by MSNBC, then that shows the network's cowardice and stupidity. He pissed SOME suit off.
  • 22:47:39: Comcast says the Olbermann firing had nothing to do with the merger. They are also notorious about lying to anyone not an investor. #problem
  • 22:50:32: So everyone's freaking out about Last Story. What do you expect? JRPGs don't sell well enough to justify bringing them over,
  • 22:50:51: just to hear you stupid weeaboos yammer on about everything you don't like about the (highly expensive) localization.
  • 23:23:59: Whoops, thought the CGY game was over. Either way, I don't get Henrik Karlsson. So much talent, but he misses pucks.

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