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From Twitter 01-22-2011

  • 00:10:05: I would wish a happy birthday to @JenAMcPadden, but she's a CT meteorologist, and therefore is in Witness Protection. JK, happy birthday!
  • 02:14:18: People talking about #BoycottMSNBC are fools. You do realize you still have Maddow, right?
  • 02:29:28: It's late at night. Let's have some fu-- oh, wait. I have to play Faery. Well, shit on my sandals. #firstworldproblems
  • 02:29:57: Actually, fuck that. I'm going to watch the fifth set of this tennis match. This John Isner guy usually gets through these quickly.
  • 03:23:48: We're off! It's 7-7 in the 5th set! Only two days more of John Isner playing tennis to go!
  • 03:38:23: John Isner always brings the goods. Now, if only he was something more than a modern-day Mark Philippoussis, he'd be amazing.
  • 03:43:51: I love the derison American sports fans give me for talking about tennis. Dear dumb Americans: baseball and football are not the only sports
  • 04:15:16: Just read the @jlist interview on Japanator. Pretty interesting. I'd love to interview him eventually for DHGF.
  • 08:26:17: Just came in from outside. I've been a northerner all my life, but right now, Key West sounds really nice.
  • 09:41:23: OK, it's official. I have a hardon for Northampton after QC put in my favourite bakery *ever*. For fuck's sake I miss that area.
  • 16:48:02: This Bruins game is like NHL '94; nothing but cross-net one timers that are all going in. Colorado's defence is a gong show.
  • 16:50:19: Dear Kia: Hip hop gerbils do not make me want to buy your cars. Far from it, actually.
  • 16:52:18: RT @tech_gaming: Wow, @ripten is real class act. They'll cut and paste your info, post it to their site, then try to flag your N4G submi ...
  • 16:57:12: I think @DevilOfSparda needs to put down CoD for a spell and play some NHL '11. Yus. :<
  • 17:25:17: It's sad that they play for Tampa, because Steve Stamkos and Vic Hedman are so freaking awesome to watch.
  • 17:49:10: Just turned on the Duke game because of something @TheRealBell said. I guess "up by 11" is "letting them hang around" in Duke Land?
  • 17:49:42: Oops, up by 15. Yeah, this is getting into "the second unit is in" territory.
  • 18:01:04: Well, if anyone knows how people in Colorado can be, it's Kobe. http://es.pn/hwjto8
  • 18:01:43: SInce @TheRealBell's tweet, Duke is on a 14-0 run and Wake Forest has taken a frustration tech. Looks like the reverse jinx worked.
  • 18:03:20: Bob Barker is still doing commercials. Somewhere, Drew Carey is taking another drink.
  • 22:17:52: Just had a rich teenage chick hit on me at Canterbury. Why couldn't that happen more 15 years ago?
  • 22:36:51: RT @kluedeke29: Disgruntled Leafs fan quote of the night:
    "All I have to say is that we are lucky we picked up a great player like kesse ...

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