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From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 01:40:55: The new PGR is out! My recommendation: ignore me altogether. I was great on Ep. 116, not so good on this one.
  • 01:48:54: Just the *title* of this piece is 50% wrong. Ben Paddon does not have the authority to call out *anyone*. http://bit.ly/fIDQKq
  • 01:50:43: (As for Sterling, the people that give him shit are either fanboys, or don't appreciate context. His actual work is solid gold.
  • 04:47:19: Robert Mugabe may call an election. Good for him! It's been quite some time since he's had his thugs systematically beat the populace.
  • 04:58:10: Little thought about Jay Cutler: Maybe we all consider him weak because that's our preconceived notion of him? Just a thought.
  • 07:15:48: I have to admit: the other @PostGameReport guys carried me this time around. I'm really not happy with my performance on this one.
  • 08:17:00: Is this a bloody joke?RT @connpost: Oxford Public Schools closed today because of bus breakdowns because of the extreme cold.
  • 08:41:46: OK, Twitter, that's like the fifth person I've had to refollow that I know damn well I didn't unfollow. Get it together.
  • 08:46:49: You're kidding. Nintendo doesn't have GamesPress Elite? I have to use credits for freaking NINTENDO assets!?
  • 10:36:47: Every time I hear Dmitry Medvedev try to sound like a leader, I picture him here, instead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4X1UEVGvwY
  • 23:24:11: This must be one of the worst job requests I've ever seen in my life. Count the problems with this shit. http://bit.ly/f7ADQZ

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