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From Twitter 01-25-2011

  • 07:36:41: Last night, I was able to play Super Nintendo with my fiancee. She's in Brooklyn, I'm in CT. I love technology.
  • 09:08:35: Awesome, so it seems the RSS feed for my work at DHGF isn't working. Well, isn't that pleasant.
  • 09:09:43: I guess we'll do it like this, then: Come read about the 3DS! Because I'd rather be late and right than inaccurate. http://bit.ly/f6JIcp
  • 09:34:22: RT @PostGameReport: And Boobies! RT @PostGameReport: The Post Game Report - Episode 133: Grimace and Chicken Breast. http://bit.ly/f4RM3N
  • 09:48:02: One thing I'm glad about: if I write a shit review, I don't have the entire internet saying how bad I suck.
  • 09:48:21: Of course, that might be because I do everything in my power not to write a shit review. Fancy that.
  • 09:48:53: I know one thing: if the way to getting onto a big site like IGN is to write like Greg Miller, then to hell with getting onto a big site.
  • 09:53:05: RT @kluedeke29: Disgruntled Leafs fan comment of the day: "At least we seem content on building the Bruins into a powerhouse."
  • 10:29:42: From DHGF: Zynga is in a legal fight with Blingville. Yes, that is the name of an actual company. I root for a meteor. http://bit.ly/gExa9F
  • 10:30:20: From DHGF: Facebook is shifting to Facebook Credits for all games. I wish they went all the way with it. Find out why. http://bit.ly/gayV18
  • 10:40:12: From DHGF: Yet more layoffs at Disney Interactive. Yet another casualty of this casual Facebook gaming bullshit. http://bit.ly/ffmfnt
  • 10:58:32: From DHGF: A PlayStation Network sale starts today. It's a really good one. http://bit.ly/hmloxO
  • 11:58:27: Warning, anime fans! It looks like Funimation has joined the list of companies suing for profit. http://bit.ly/eTnRQs
  • 11:58:46: This leads to one question from me: who the fuck would torrent One Piece!?
  • 12:16:36: RT @twelveicings: I dislike Savard and haven't been hearing these jokes, but seriously.... Not classy.
  • 12:48:22: Sony Begins “11 For 11″ PlayStation Network Sale Today http://dlvr.it/F4B7x
  • 14:59:25: Apparently, Brian Cashman thinks CF is a position people can just *step* into. Fucking Sabrmetricians... http://es.pn/gEjUFF
  • 15:06:12: Nice! One despotic government learned from another! RT @BreakingNews: Twitter reported to be blocked by Egyptian government amid protests
  • 19:51:03: Gaming Group To Report Activision To U.K. Authorities Over PS3, PC Black Ops Issues http://dlvr.it/F571J
  • 20:11:14: RT @KeithOlbermann: Wait. "Life Of Brian" is on IFC? Wanna bag this #SOTU stuff? SOTU's rarely forecast year ahead. The "Boring Prophet" ...
  • 20:59:25: Am I the only reviewer that *doesn't* like to see his words on the back of a game box or on a publisher's website?
  • 21:00:35: During #SOTU, I want to see Democrats and Republicans kicking each others' legs, like brothers annoying each other in the car.
  • 21:01:13: Bonus points if Obama then bellows "I WILL PULL THIS FUCKING SPEECH OVER AND TAKE OFF MY BELT, I SWEAR TO GOD."
  • 21:05:37: Have you read my thoughts on the 3DS launch? Thousands of cool kids already have. Be a cool kid! http://bit.ly/f6JIcp
  • 22:25:11: Is the speech over? Good, I can go back to not giving a shit about haughty platitudes. #SOTU
  • 22:34:02: Anyone who thinks the filler for the Super Bowl is bad should watch tennis, where they have a player eating food and handling animals.
  • 23:17:45: ... So why the hell is everyone talking about smoked salmon?
  • 23:20:31: "Hey, this is my chance to reference to RPGFan! I'll give them some link lo-- this was written by an 11 year old. What the fuck."
  • 23:27:30: Michelle Bachman is same stupid bitch she's been for all these years. I'm shocked at everyone's surprise.
  • 23:55:29: If Michelle Bachman is the unofficial spokesperson of the Tea Party, then the Tea Party is a bunch of intellectually dishonest liars.

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