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From Twitter 01-27-2011

  • 00:47:09: Joe Baca? More like Joe BAKA lol.
  • 00:50:39: Whatever. Call me when Hawaii sees a foot of snow. RT @BreakingNews: Philadelphia sees over foot of snow http://bit.ly/fCHFIz
  • 01:05:28: I hate it when my news posts get to 1,000 words. Actually, I don't, because that's when I'm *ON FIRE*.
  • 01:51:59: For those wondering: I will wait until all of the information is out about the PSP2 before doing an all-inclusive post about it.
  • 01:56:08: As far as news posts go, this is basically a Magnum Opus: the HR 400 bill dissection. http://bit.ly/ede5hG
  • 01:56:58: In fact, I'm going to do one better: I'm going to combine the information for the PSP2 and that phone thing they're doing. #irule
  • 01:58:01: Federal Games Warning Label Law Introduced To Congress http://dlvr.it/F9yNZ
  • 02:15:02: Sony Releases Firmware 3.56. It, Too, Is Useless http://dlvr.it/FB0Fd
  • 02:28:34: RT @DanRyckert: Since they're showing Monster Hunter/Yakuza/Dynasty Warriors, we need to show Japanese journalists nothing but Madden fo ...
  • 02:35:08: I know I'm a bad newsman, but I'll go back to the conference another time. I have shit to do, and I'm passing out.
  • 03:09:16: So, uh, apparently, it never stopped snowing?
  • 04:32:55: RT @WTNH: Simply put -- it's a MESS. "All the major interstates are a problem," Lt. J. Paul Vance said. http://twitpic.com/3tt3p6 #ctw ...
  • 04:35:12: My mother in a nutshell: "Get your shoes on! Let's get pictures!" "Are you fucking daft, woman?"
  • 08:05:21: Days like today are the days when my sleep suggestion - it's not a schedule anymore - really hurts me. Down at 6:30, up at 7. #longdaytoday
  • 08:05:49: Today's "No Shit, Sherlock" Award for the week: RT @DerbyCT No school in Derby today
  • 11:51:59: Just did four and a half hours of shoveling. That's right. Argonne Terrace takes care of its neighbours. Even if I now live on Roosevelt.
  • 12:12:33: Dear Sony: Please keep putting out more bullshit firmware updates. They are annoying, but they blow up hit-wise. Thanks.
  • 12:38:54: All this NGP talk reminds me of one thing: does anyone remember how bloody awesome the Neo Geo Pocket Colour was?
  • 13:13:34: Please nominate @superbus for a "Shorty Award". I don't know what the fuck a Shorty is, but everyone wants one, so it must be good.

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