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From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 06:25:40: These "anti-US" cables from Wikileaks show one thing to me, consistently: most of the US's troubles stem from their CONCERN for human rights
  • 06:55:46: I hate to ask this question, but what in God's name is a "Life Coach"?
  • 06:56:24: (I fully expect 45 new "entrepreneur" followers now that I've said that word. The word "entrepreneur" will likely give me 40 more, too)
  • 06:56:48: (At the very least, it will get me past 500 followers! At least for three days, until they all unfollow me because I won't follow them)
  • 06:58:16: Cutting edge journalism from Pierre LeBrun here. BREAKING: Ryan Kessler is good! I never fuckin' knew! http://es.pn/hxs0Ly
  • 06:59:37: Best response to the "Life Coach" question ever. I lol'd. RT @dmataconis: An unemployed person who gives people career advice
  • 08:28:38: If you haven't read my Unbranding the Sheep yet - and judging by hit numbers, you haven't - what's wrong with you? :( http://bit.ly/gzKv0N
  • 13:04:08: Sony Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against PlayStation Hacker http://dlvr.it/FJ6Gb
  • 14:18:13: RT @dmataconis: Hey, does anyone remember 2010, when we didn't have to care about foreign policy? Wasn't that fun?
  • 14:19:46: Today's "No Shit, Sherlock" Award winner: NFL vets are hooked on painkillers. I wouldn't have guessed! http://es.pn/egBRdV
  • 14:20:16: Dear NFL fans: read that previous article *VERY* carefully when you criticize the players who are against an 18 game season.
  • 14:53:32: Sports gamers: ever have someone you liked in a video game make his debut years later, and do well? That's how I am about Lee Sweatt now.
  • 14:54:13: I literally said "yeah! He's that underrated European defenceman from NHL '10!" when he was signed. Not he's scoring on Pekka Rinne.
  • 14:59:03: Two Rockstar Executives Resign http://dlvr.it/FJQ8M
  • 15:28:45: My flirtation with dlvr.it was nice, but I think it's time to make Twitterfeed work properly again.
  • 15:33:13: Devil Survivor Overclocked Announced For 3DS: Atlus put out a press release today announcing that Shin Megami Te... http://bit.ly/gY5Epd
  • 15:33:13: Federal Games Warning Label Law Introduced To Congress: Yesterday, U.S. Representatives Joe Baca (D-CA) and Fran... http://bit.ly/glxtrz
  • 15:33:13: Sony Releases Firmware 3.56. It, Too, Is Useless: On their blog, Sony has stated that the PlayStation 3 would be... http://bit.ly/eQLZaX
  • 15:33:14: Sony Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against PlayStation Hacker: In another round of what will undoubtedly be a... http://bit.ly/f8ps3v
  • 15:33:14: Two Rockstar Executives Resign: It has been learned that the head of Rockstar London, Mark Washbrook, resigned e... http://bit.ly/f0Z4pj
  • 15:40:47: ... *sigh* Apologies to my followers for the Twitter puke. I hope my twitterfeed feels better now that it's out of its system.
  • 23:25:31: Well! I wasn't quite ready to step in on a college game... And it showed. #deadlegs #feellikeiwanttopuke

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