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From Twitter 01-29-2011

  • 00:48:51: Youth hockey has made me soft. Today's college game reminded me that me and my cardio have a long way to go.
  • 00:59:24: It's funny that people who advertise writing gigs nowadays are so apparent in their lack of respect for applicants. Some of these are brutal
  • 01:01:42: Am I the only one laughing at Phil Kessel going last in the All Star Draft? *checks Twitter* ... Nope, it looks like I'm not!
  • 02:01:26: Lesson for prospective journos: if you're sourcing anything from Sankaku Complex other than porn, you're doing it wrong http://bit.ly/hH17ip
  • 11:05:44: This week's lesson for everyone: foreign policy is hard.
  • 14:17:29: I am really frustrated I couldn't make Webcomics On Ice. Instead, I will work on a PS2 feature for DHGF. I'm living the fuckin' high life.
  • 14:34:35: This just in: the Big East is really fucking tough. RT @connpost: Louisville hangs on, defeats UConn 79-78 in 2 OTs at Gampel Pavillion
  • 14:39:50: It's nice that the @soundtigers are offering discounts for USA Hockey people on Feb. 13th, but really, we'd rather be playing/reffing.
  • 15:06:07: I keep switching back and forth on my three favourite PS2 games. It's neck and neck between Suikoden V, Persona 2 + Shadow of the Colossus.
  • 15:07:41: * Meant to say Persona 4 in my last tweet, not Persona 2 (which is PSX)
  • 15:16:05: Who needs Jim Boeheim? Have Sean coach them, he gives the best directions! :) RT @SPBowley: Basketball in Basket, please #Syracuse
  • 15:31:03: WTF? RT @wikileaks: Yes, we may have helped Tunisia, Egypt. But let us not forget the elephant in the room: Al Jazeera + sat dishes
  • 15:31:17: I would recommend to @wikileaks to pick their fights better. Seriously.
  • 15:39:22: Oh boy. My honourable mentions are going to get me in some trouble. Been saying that a lot lately.
  • 16:42:22: I just realized: I never awarded the Mount & Blade Good Bad Game Award for 2010! I have to rectify this!
  • 16:45:35: There's a debate about Jim Edmonds being a Hall of Famer... and people are arguing against it!? Are these people daft?
  • 17:01:14: This is going to sound strange, but my Mount & Blade Good Bad Game Award for 2010 is going to go to Ys: The Oath in Felghana.
  • 17:01:40: It's a great game, but JESUS H. CHRIST ESQUIRE can the game's platforming parts drive me batshit.
  • 17:10:43: *sigh*... Leave it to @billmaher to put everything into perspective. http://bit.ly/gWQWYf
  • 17:28:25: Dear EIC: Don't publicly ask why I made a comment when it's obviously a mistake that YOU should have caught and either fixed or questioned.
  • 18:27:33: RT @dmataconis: The truth of the matter is that pretty much every regime in the Arab world sucks and is deserving of massive citizen pro ...

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