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From Twitter 02-01-2011

  • 08:20:51: RT @BaileyWTNH: Harsh winter, eh?! // RT @DarrenKramer8: Groundhog found dead in a snowbank in Derby. Spring canceled.
  • 08:21:11: RT @JimSterling: Pro Tip: Reviewers do not get every single game for free.
  • 08:27:38: OH MY GOD THIS IS GOING TO RUIN MY COMM-- Oh, wait, I'm self employed and work at home. Whoops! Sucks to be you guys driving!
  • 08:32:59: RT @dmataconis: "Judicial activism" = "judicial opinions with which the person using the term disagrees"
  • 09:12:34: RT @dmataconis: What are Egyptians complaining about? Yea, have no freedom and dissidents get tortured but at least they don't have to b ...
  • 10:21:53: RT @mozactly: Just got back from a drive around Derby, Ansonia and Shelton. Snow has turned to ice. Roads are slippery. Stay inside if y ...
  • 10:27:59: Dr. Mel says this weather system is natural. You know what else is natural? Going south for the winter! Birds are more evolved than us.
  • 10:34:57: For an example of why a lack of network neutrality is bad, consider what Apple is doing to non-Apple bookstores. http://bit.ly/gyhHsG
  • 11:39:54: Since some of my Canadian friends were asking about how to handle this Usage Based Billing bullshit: http://bit.ly/h2xjTA
  • 11:40:00: RT @gilsimmons: Dangerous sleet falling and ice on Rte. 34 http://twitpic.com/3vhtvt
  • 11:42:47: It's really nice to see @jlist getting into localizing non-eroge games. http://bit.ly/fD2ca9
  • 11:57:29: Either Sandy Alderson is lying, or delusional. http://es.pn/hukfkr
  • 14:36:08: Brian Burke says that we only care about concussions because Sidney's hurt. Has he forgotten about David Booth and Marc Savard already?
  • 14:36:32: I consider myself a traditionalist, but the sport will be stuck in neutral as long as troglodytes like Brian Burke have their say.
  • 15:32:05: Now playing: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, for the SNES. It's a nice, simple version of the game with a decent UI for the time.
  • 15:46:02: RT @SpaceDrakeCF: This is incredible - RT: @Triphibian: Video Game Ephemera: Scans of retro game promos, artifacts. http://t.co/WCwQbBN
  • 15:47:22: Well, I guess companies aren't being chilled by the network charges being leveled by ISPs for video... http://t.co/s08ovKR
  • 17:12:37: As exciting as it is that WWE All Stars focuses on the 80s, I can't get excited about an era where most of the big stars are dead.
  • 23:18:46: RT @Steve_OS: EA reported a loss of $322 million for Q3 2011, with total revenues topping $1.05 billion, the publisher reported to inves ...
  • 23:19:42: There's bad. There's really bad. And then there's the kind of bad that could cost John Riccitiello his job. This was a DISASTER for EA.
  • 23:20:12: What's sad about this is that EA's problems stem from when they tried to be the "good" guys, and put aside their anti-everything mantra.
  • 23:20:52: There's a lesson here. If you want to make money in 2011, steal games from other companies, sequel until you puke, and fuck your customers.

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