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From Twitter 02-02-2011

  • 08:53:43: A guy from Treyarch called out "contrarian" fans! Yes! Even if they're Activision's bitch, I support this! #fanssuck http://bit.ly/dTsKcM
  • 09:00:57: Anderson Cooper was reportedly punched in the head repeatedly. You know who isn't getting punched? Fox's anchors. They're not in Egypt.
  • 09:39:32: My backyard street is a rink. Literally. I just literally passed a hockey puck up Argonne Terrace without it stopping.
  • 09:54:15: Dear ESPN: I could not care less about signing day. Please do not shove it down my throat.
  • 09:57:47: RT @jstrevino: The rented muscle of supposedly pro-American Mubarak are the ones beating Americans and American journalists now.
  • 10:26:07: So according to @pkollar, Two Worlds II is a "B" game, like the horror equivalent. Notable! But I don't pay $60 for "B" games.
  • 11:41:10: RT @cnshards: Now is not the time for patriotism. This is not a US vs. Egypt thing. Let's not be stupid.
  • 14:13:53: Oh well, it looks like Capcom doesn't want my money. First they ruined Dark Void Zero, now BC: Rearmed 2. http://aol.it/dSD4Xc
  • 14:44:04: Working on my puck skills outside - in my driveway - has given me the itch to go to Sticks and Pucks.
  • 16:19:56: RT @ESPNCommentary: I know signing day is fun, much like the draft, but I have a hard time getting excited about a guy before he plays a ...
  • 16:40:47: http://bit.ly/hiJKDG - Good on @jlist for carrying preorders for Catherine! It's region free, but that $110 price has to come down.
  • 17:42:24: Ever wanted to play The Oregon trail with real world money? No? Then don't play the Facebook game.
  • 17:49:50: I'm impressed. The Learning Company managed to do they unthinkable: they ruined The Oregon Trail.
  • 17:51:48: Dear Capcom: I won't even buy the 360 version of Rearmed because of the PS3's DRM. I do not reward stupid decisions of any ilk.
  • 19:20:18: This asshole is going to be the Presidential nominee for my party? I need a new party. http://bit.ly/f7whJR
  • 21:24:16: Thoughts on the Fight Night Champion demo: Like Fight Night, you'll love the game. If you thought FNR4 had issues, this fixes none of them.
  • 22:16:23: I bought Rockman for the PSX import on a whim, hoping it was an improved version. It's the freaking NES game in Japanese. What a waste.
  • 23:34:51: Dear news pundits: if you're not talking about Egypt, you're not doing your jobs.
  • 23:50:22: RT @StephenAtHome: Walgreens is selling 50 cent beer. Hopefully they're also selling 2 dollar stomach pumps.

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