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From Twitter 02-03-2011

  • 00:16:20: If the rumour is true, Rick DiPietro has a broken orbital bone from his fight. If this wasn't a man's livelihood, it would be comical.
  • 09:18:28: Again!? RT @DerbyCT: Derby schoools are closed today.
  • 09:36:02: Our priorities are screwed. RT @RepTKlarides: Michael Vick,Tom Brady and Brett Favre MORE disliked in the NFL than Roethlisberger!
  • 09:37:34: I have to admit that @rpgfancom has a novel approach to reviewing MMOs now. Too bad it takes so long to be effective that no one will care.
  • 09:41:29: The article is meh - this just in, FFXIV was unpopular - but the first comment by skitzogreg is very, very good. http://bit.ly/giW37w
  • 09:41:49: RT @dmataconis: They're arresting journalists and killing people. I wonder how that Congressman from Michigan feels about defending a tyrant
  • 11:21:27: I can't be the only person my age who wishes that we could go back a few decades, when there were 10 TV stations and fewer distractions.
  • 11:51:05: We have a grand total of TWO votes for the Hall of Shame that goes up tomorrow, including mine. I wonder if the HOS is sustainable.
  • 12:04:41: Canada's telecom consumers raged against UBB. The reaction: It... WORKED? http://bit.ly/ecUbNj
  • 12:25:18: I feel like a bad game fan. I could give less than a shit about Killzone 3.
  • 16:20:49: Dear GOP: Too little, too late. The damage is done. http://bit.ly/eKf3dr
  • 17:22:00: Question: anytime I play an actual PS3/360 game, it goes to 720p resolution. I want my 1080! Is this normal? Is it changeable?
  • 17:22:26: Notice that the XMB on my PS3 goes in at 1080. But then it drops to 720 for gameplay. This seems like I'm getting gypped.
  • 17:51:28: Anytime I think my job sucks, I think of the guys in Egypt who are arrested and detained. Somehow, my job doesn't seem so important.
  • 18:37:06: I favorited a YouTube video -- Segata Sanshiro Music video http://youtu.be/joNwYPdEBTc?a
  • 18:37:28: This must be the greatest video game mascot of all time. Holy shit. They sold video games with this! http://youtu.be/joNwYPdEBTc
  • 18:51:52: I'm about to emulate the Apple IIe version of The Oregon Trail. Just to say "fuck you" to The Learning Company for messing up the FB game.
  • 19:23:41: Jesus CHRIST this Bruins game is off to a flyer! Turn on NESN!
  • 19:50:20: LaMarcus Alderage has a serious beef. http://bit.ly/fEoZUH
  • 20:12:46: Can someone please tell me how Egypt's Vice President is going to be better than the current president? Please?
  • 20:51:07: RT @DevilOfSparda: 'What the fuck is wrong with this game? This 10 year old has HUGE jugs.' <-- Ladies and gentlemen, the modern day ...
  • 21:02:57: Dear Alex Matlin of iCoder: You are the lowest form of shit, and I hope you never earn another dollar again. http://bit.ly/i77HYT
  • 21:26:04: It's nice that I can talk to @thejointstaff on Twitter, but I still think of it as jumping the chain of command. BTW, I got out 7 years ago.
  • 21:41:32: OH, fucking joy. EA's focusing more on Facebook. http://bit.ly/gHaoBa
  • 22:10:13: IT's good to see @Danataggart making a comeback to Twitter.
  • 22:12:24: *Looks at Northwest standings* Woah, woah, woah, when did Calgary get competent!?
  • 22:40:41: This might be my worst writing ever. Holy shit, talk about mentally checking out.
  • 22:41:03: I have to keep telling myself that I haven't left yet. Just a few more features.

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Feb. 4th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
We should circulate a petition to bring Segata Sanshiro back.

A large part of me wants to be in Egypt right now.
Feb. 4th, 2011 06:50 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, it's not all good news about UBB, looks like....
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