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From Twitter 02-05-2011

  • 00:17:22: RT @JVB: Talkingaboutgames.com welcomes @superbus to our family. His talent as a writer is a welcomed edition to current crew of writers.
  • 10:39:20: Holy shit, is Sharpeye making sense?
  • 10:43:40: Someone literally just asked me to write an opinion piece on Jim Sterling. I can't talk about games anymore, I have to talk about writers?
  • 10:44:15: What's sad is that the emailer is going to be disappointed: He goes too far sometimes, but I enjoy his work. Surprise!
  • 10:57:47: Why does my New Tab page in Chrome bring up apps now? What the fuck? I'm getting app fatigue.
  • 10:58:56: To be fair, Entanglement looks pretty fun.

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