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From Twitter 02-06-2011

  • 00:49:34: Either I'm the biggest magnet for kids taking me out at the back of my legs, or I'm just a fucking pussy who can't take a heavy fall anymore
  • 00:50:08: All I know is that *AGAIN*, I left for a tournament, and *AGAIN*, I came home hurt. This one got me to the hospital, too! Another one! AGAIN
  • 00:51:27: Just fucking kill me. I'm serious. I obviously cannot perform at things I need to perform at. I can't even really look at the screen!
  • 00:52:55: I'm tired of this. I'm not even 31, and I'm just about a cripple. I just want to fucking *die*, so I don't suffer the indignity of being
  • 00:53:06: carried out of another goddamned rink on a goddamned board.
  • 00:56:14: Best part? I finally got the talk I've been dreading from a doctor. The "you probably need to give this up" talk. What fucking use am I?
  • 10:46:36: I really need to learn to stop putting stupid shit on Twitter. 500 people don't need to know my concussion history.
  • 10:46:44: To make up for it, let's talk about tits.
  • 10:56:33: Oh, is it Reagan's birthday? Awesome. It's been too long since every waking second of my day was spent talking about him. Just beautiful.
  • 10:58:23: Oh, as for the football game, I'm rooting for Liverpool over Chelsea. ... What? Oh, wrong side of the pond?
  • 10:59:33: Protip: when @dmataconis can't figure out what the hell you're trying to say in a speech you cannot be President. http://bit.ly/fjkn0f
  • 11:43:16: Ronald Reagan's birthday today! Man, I'd love to have at it with his corpse! ... Too strong? Am I doing it wrong, conservatives?
  • 12:52:47: RT @dmataconis: Idolizing politicians, left or right, dead or alive, is not a healthy thing in a free society
  • 14:33:41: Andy Pettitte will likely get more HOF votes than Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. This is a tragedy.
  • 14:34:12: Pettitte is getting consideration despite a PED history because voters like him, and don't like the other two. That is the *only* reason.
  • 16:06:16: I'm already sick of the Super Bowl, and it hasn't even started. This from someone that is likely watching the game.
  • 16:08:29: Hey, remember the woman that was offended by the Jets' lewd comments? The one with no credibility? Yeah. http://twitpic.com/3x694g
  • 16:35:56: So TokyoPOP is apparently doing something called "America's Greatest Otaku". I just threw up in my mouth. #fuckingweeaboos
  • 17:39:28: So I have a week off and can't play any fast games (ie: no NHL '11). I have me some ideas. Locals should pay attention to SBNet soon.
  • 17:51:11: Phil Kessel is a pussy. I'm serious. The going got tough, so he decided he wanted to run. That's what Phil Kessel is: a coward.
  • 18:03:42: Did they seriously read the Declaration of Independence before the fucking Super Bowl? When did this become Jingoist Central?
  • 18:06:34: I love how people who are rooting for Green Bay because "they don't have the rapist" think they're clever for the most part. #youarenot
  • 18:42:35: RT @weddady: Imagine if someone told Romanians in 1989 that Nicolae Ceausescu should stay to insure transition in Romania #Jan25 #Mubarak
  • 18:51:03: RT @burning_phoneix: So Scousers FC managed to beat the London Fernando Torreses? Life is good.
  • 19:08:08: Dear NFL: The guy just scored a pick-six touchdown in the Super Bowl. Let him fucking celebrate.
  • 20:01:17: RT @cnshards: I'll catch the commercials that are actually good after the idiocy that is the Super Bowl. Not that I really care either way.
  • 20:12:26: You dumb fuckers are actually watching the Black Eyed Peas? HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • 20:23:30: RT @DanRyckert: I hope a wardrobe malfunction happens right now. By that, I mean I hope the Black Eyed Peas' light-up suits explode and ...
  • 20:52:19: "The momentum has clearly shifted." This is why Joe Buck is the best, folks. #captainobvious
  • 20:59:07: I would have a joke about Ben Rothlesberger forcing his will on the Packers, but I'll get yelled at. Too soon?
  • 21:00:48: I've talked to like four people in my life that actually like the Black Eyed Peas; everyone else hates their guts. How are they popular?
  • 21:12:31: Between Fergie and Christina Aguilera, it's not a good day to be a female singer.
  • 21:31:56: Leadership is taking a guy that's been fucking up all night, and going right back to him and letting him make a huge play. #packers
  • 21:36:21: Who the hell is doing Pepsi's marketing, a 14 year old boy?
  • 21:36:56: Was that a Kevin Greene sighting? Who gave him a ticket?
  • 21:38:14: I don't care if he's not playing. The fact that Charles Woodson is 10 minutes from a ring is a very, very good thing.
  • 21:42:52: This just in: Ben Rothlesberger's sexual tastes don't obscure the fact that he's fucking GOOD.
  • 21:43:55: Hmmmm. I guess I have to stick with this game now. Oh well, ROTK X can wait.
  • 21:50:12: Puffy's still relevant? Really? What is this, 1997?
  • 21:51:30: It looks like I'm getting exactly what I wanted: good football.
  • 21:51:41: RT @DanRyckert: I don't know what GoDaddy.com's "unrated online content" is, but they advertise it like it's a Danica Patrick bukkake video.
  • 21:52:08: Pittsburgh needs a stop. They HAVE to have a stop here, and they're not getting it.
  • 21:58:08: Let's go. #steelers #packers
  • 21:58:22: (Strangely, I was going to say "here we go", but thanks to Bud Light, I refuse to use that saying)
  • 21:59:55: Also, fuck Glee.
  • 22:06:59: Congratulations to the Packers, and their fans. Congrats to Aaron Rogers. And congrats to Charles Woodson.
  • 22:07:13: Also, congrats to the fake feminists who rooted against "rapist" Rothlesberger. I hope you got what you wanted.
  • 22:18:51: Goodell: "Hope you enjoyed the season! We'll be back next year to kill our players even more!"
  • 22:19:10: C'mon, Ted Thompson. Say it. "Fuck you, Brett.". Just say it. Say it!
  • 22:21:15: Holy shit, they actually got him a belt!? That's gangsta.
  • 23:18:48: RT @cnshards: I would be stoked if HEAR got 25 more fans on Facebook. We'd be the most "liked" activist group on campus.
  • 23:19:16: What the fuck is Groupon, and why are people angry with them?

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Feb. 7th, 2011 02:13 pm (UTC)
I doubt anyone would think less of you just because you couldn't play sports anymore. Methinks the only one who would is you. Please stop beating yourself up over this.
Feb. 7th, 2011 05:42 pm (UTC)
Loved the Groupon commercials. So win. Got a lot of local commercials here in New England, I noticed. Wtf was up with that, doesn't happen in California.
Feb. 8th, 2011 08:10 am (UTC)
Because while while you west coast types get to deal with stuff like Pepsi and more Bud Light commercials calling you a faggot for not drinking their beer? We're getting Bob's Discount Furniture. Because that's how we roll in this bitch.
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