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From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 15:32:31: IF this is indeed true - right now, it's a rumour - then DRM has officially come home to consoles. http://bit.ly/etC0Fz
  • 15:36:06: What's scary is that if that's Sony's answer, then they've effectively killed two birds with one stone: piracy AND the third hand market.
  • 15:36:22: The losers, of course, are legitimate customers, but who gives a fuck about those stupid motherfuckers, right?
  • 15:42:05: I'm surprised Nate Anderson didn't address the key question: why Evan Stone is going after such easy marks. http://bit.ly/gKiQo0
  • 15:42:38: Of COURSE these lawsuits are working. He's attacking people downloading gay porn, who would very much like not to be made public. Easy $$$
  • 15:54:51: Last.fm's mobile service is going paid? I will react with an earth-shattering yawn. #pandoraisbetter
  • 16:16:34: OK, Gameloft. Cut the shit. http://bit.ly/h7BXfS
  • 16:18:15: Someone gave Tales of Graces F a 90%. Something tells me I can dismiss that review out of hand.
  • 17:29:12: Dear @NBCConnecticut: Sticking gigantic visual ads in my RSS reader in every article summary is a guaranteed way to get me to unsubscribe.
  • 17:35:50: Sony's answer to piracy seems to be to brick legitimate consoles, and to institute DRM up the ass. Wow. What a gong show.
  • 17:56:14: So the Huffington Post was bought by AOL. Congratulations, guys. You have jumped on the train to irrelevancy. Say hi to Yahoo!
  • 17:57:18: Though I agree with Economist regarding the move. And I am going to hug my ad-blocker tightly. http://econ.st/ieoTQF
  • 17:58:30: THIS JUST IN: Valve is losing steam! They're going to go down! Says... uh, the CEO of a competitor. Bad writer. Bad! http://bit.ly/ebB5ng
  • 21:39:04: "Savard's done for the season, probably for good, and Matt Cooke still plays hockey. :(" True words from @edropple
  • 22:32:28: I wanted specifics, and... well, I got some fucking specifics, alright. Roger that. #local

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