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From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 03:02:21: The irony is SO THICK. RT @BreakingNews: Mark Zuckerberg claims he is being stalked on Facebook - TMZ http://bit.ly/dH4pyp
  • 16:28:09: Been awhile since I've been to a library. (@ Derby Neck Library) http://4sq.com/hNjG63
  • 17:07:56: Two books taken out: The Japanese Mind: The Goliath Explained, and The Making of Modern Japan. My inner Samuraiter is pleased.
  • 17:09:21: Wow. Konami didn't fuck around. The ink hasn't dried on the merger, and Hudson Entertainment is dead. http://bit.ly/fPpnHU
  • 17:28:27: How the fuck can Bulletstorm be responsible for an increase in rape? It's not even fucking out yet!
  • 17:29:18: I love that Fox News is the one that has this story, when in the same breath they can parrot the GOP line about changing rape definitions.
  • 19:33:12: RT @CMDeB: The idea that Republicans have to kiss the ass of the TPE or get targeted is getting old real quick.
  • 19:43:16: ESPN brought Stephen A. Smith back? Was Jay Mariotti predisposed? http://es.pn/f0iMtH
  • 19:57:13: That's it. I need to get out of here for a bit. Off for some restaurant therapy in a bit.
  • 21:48:28: Actually considering one of those Mahjong games they sell at walmart for like $10. What the fuck is wrong with me?
  • 22:09:19: Culture is dead. http://yfrog.com/h72brwgj
  • 23:17:35: They put TweetDeck into Chrome. It's not QUITE as sexy as my fiancee bent over a chair with a nude apron on... but it's damn close.
  • 23:23:30: What's ironic is that on a day where we got the ability to go over 140 characters, I have nothing of real not… (cont) http://deck.ly/~StrOs
  • 23:31:02: Why Twitter is amazing: I have questions for my state rep, she answers *within five minutes*. Yay technology! And yay @reptklarides, too.

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