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From Twitter 02-09-2011

  • 15:08:40: Kevin Poulin's done for the year. That couldn't have gone worse for him or the Islanders. My goodness.
  • 15:11:08: Sorry, I can't really front in regards to Sanchize. The last white girl I dated was 17 when I was 24, too. But I'm not an NFL QB. #bigdeal
  • 15:12:19: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Before installing a paywall on your newspaper's web content, ask yourself this question: Is my résumé up to date?
  • 15:25:55: Activision's fucking doing it again. http://j.mp/gnXwQ6
  • 15:40:16: It looks like Hudson's being shut down to focus on - altogether now! - social games. Yes! One more step towards killing this fucking fad!
  • 16:09:52: We're still talking about how an NFL lockout will affect Madden? Here's my take: it won't. People will buy it no matter what, on command.
  • 16:11:21: There could be no NFL for five years, and people will buy Madden like sheep. They're also assuming Madden's "done" anything since Madden '04
  • 16:12:06: EA's approach to Madden is easy: 1) Make one token improvement for marketing purposes, 2) leave everything else alone, 3) make bank.
  • 16:29:38: After a few days of head injury induced blankness, I finally have something I want to write about. A lot, actually. Let's roll.
  • 16:30:28: Ironically, this comes on the day when I feel the worst I've felt since Saturday night. Who cares, let's roll before I lose it.
  • 17:28:48: RT @pkollar: RT @andrewpfister: Good luck to all devs & families affected today. It sounds like there's a LOT.
  • 17:46:14: RT @ESPNCommentary: Forget Triple A. I'm signing up for Girardi-Beckham roadside assistance.
  • 17:47:21: Three years late, RPGFan finally asked "Farmville who?" in reference to Harvest Moon. They're about the only one so far. Bad industry. Bad!
  • 17:48:14: Hmmm... 81 unread stories in my Kotaku feed. I wonder how many of those are actually related to gaming? #markasread
  • 17:51:35: Uh oh. Ars says an early build of Duke Nukem isn't very good. http://j.mp/dEJd6a
  • 17:53:33: Hey Sony! I wrote about the PlayStation hack, and viewed the videos! You gonna sue me, too? http://j.mp/f6xWJS
  • 17:55:30: Now Activision is saying that the 500 jobs lost will be made up for via CoD growth. I'm sure that will boost developer morale.
  • 17:56:26: "Yeah, I know you were working on something you really cared about, but here, you can be one of the million pe… (cont) http://deck.ly/~EWBTy
  • 18:24:02: Releasing next week: Dragon Quest VI, Tactics Ogre, MVC3 and Ys 1 + 2. My goodness. Who says February is slow?
  • 18:24:44: Oh, and if that's not enough, You Don't Know Jack is out. That's only $30, though. FUCKING HELL STRIPES WHERE IS THAT $3K YOU OWE ME.
  • 18:27:59: Anyone who gets this for me, there is nothing I won't do for you. I'm literal in saying that, too. http://j.mp/faXJZI
  • 18:31:49: "We're just a search engine! We don't actually facilitate piracy!" Torrent Butler just made that argument go *splat*. http://j.mp/hJq0ng
  • 18:35:34: Only six other people are following @derbynecklibrar? Bad Derby. Bad!
  • 18:48:09: Woah, @denisleary has a Twitter! I'm surprised he doesn't just retweet @billhicksdotcom all day.
  • 19:07:30: RT @DHGFMadson: As much as I'd like to see Bobby Kotick's arrogance cause him to crash and burn, I don't want it to happen at the expens ...
  • 19:08:22: Holy shit, an Al Montoya sighting! Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  • 19:16:38: See? Jodie's got it right, and she lives in Shelton! Follow @derbynecklibrar, Derby! RT @mozactly: @superbus now 7!
  • 19:19:55: RT @DHGFMadson: Dear EA: Please don't feed the trolls. #foxnews
  • 19:25:59: I should be reffing right now...
  • 19:51:50: The Bruins are exceptionally fun to watch when they're flying, and right now, they're flying. What a blast this game is.
  • 19:52:46: I want Ray Emery back in the NHL just to see him potentially have a goalie fight with Tim Thomas. I'd PAY to see that.
  • 20:00:49: NOW can we blow them up!? RT @BreakingNews: North Korea says it will not hold more military talks with South Korea - AP
  • 20:09:39: Boston Bruins fans: is this typical of this team? It seems like everytime they have a hard period, they come out flatter than year old soda.
  • 22:06:42: OK, the Big West mascot commercial they're showing out west is awesome. Good on 'ya, @bigwestmd!
  • 23:20:38: I'm asking the same question every Calgary Flames fan is right now: when did Curtis McElheney become good?
  • 23:33:30: David Garfield of Examiner.com should never work again. Ever. Not even in retail or fast food. http://j.mp/gz870Y
  • 23:33:46: RT @DevilOfSparda: FIVE. STUDIOS. FIVE. I know Call of Duty is a cash cow franchise, but. What.
  • 23:37:20: Did I just see a Bell add for an iPhone 3GS? Canada doesn't even have the iPhone 4 yet?
  • 23:42:08: This is very sexist... but almost all of the female games reporters I see or know are hot. This can't be coincidence. #marryingone
  • 23:49:28: That review I posted earlier was written by @GameGuideDog. Everyone go and tell him what a piece of shit he is.

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