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From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 00:07:11: RT @edropple: I can't gag loud enough at @superbus right now
  • 00:15:44: I love the implication that Rickard's makes. "Getting proverbially punched in the mouth by alcohol = GOOD!" That usually comes after.
  • 00:18:54: Bullshit. You took a review and edited some words. RT @GameGuideDog: @superbus dont' be a playa hata... hey it was an honest mistake.
  • 00:19:47: BTW: That previous tweet by @GameGuideDog was NOT edited. Everything is SIC. This man thinks he's a writer!
  • 00:28:50: Atlus is having another sale. FUCKING HELL STRIPES WHERE IS MY FUCKING MONEY.
  • 00:58:48: Am I right to be disappointed that Ozzy Osborne is doing commercials with Justin Bieber?
  • 01:11:21: Kotaku got this one right. If you hate FOX News, or like good journalism, prepare to cringe. http://j.mp/eBXai5
  • 01:12:17: This just in: America doesn't give a shit about Veterans. http://j.mp/gK8NMQ
  • 01:24:45: Will someone solve Nic Cage's financial issues so he can stop making all these movies? Please? He's the Ben Stiller of this decade.
  • 01:50:34: Lost in all this 'Melo drama: it's just been definitively proven that he doesn't care about winning. Why would the Knicks want him?
  • 01:58:37: If this is where our industry is going, our industry is in deep shit. http://j.mp/eWHWhM
  • 01:59:16: As a Canucks fan, I have to say this: the Getzlaf hit on Hamhuis wasn't bad enough to suspend. It's hockey. Shit happens. Sorry.
  • 02:03:41: Dear Pepsi: when I think of *Diet* Mountain Dew, I don't think of things that are awesome. I think of pussies drinking sugar water.
  • 02:05:01: One more thing about Getzlaf: his feet DID NOT leave the ice until after contact. Not a charge. BARELY a boarding call, if that.
  • 11:37:45: I know if @chuckjaywalk is linking a New Yorker article, it's gonna be a good day to read some shit. http://j.mp/gxSOPi
  • 12:17:07: Had to escape to the coffeeshop in Fairfield, but it's worth it: the proverbial quil is working on its own. My DHGF career won't end lowly.
  • 12:17:37: (For those wondering: yes, I am leaving Diehard GameFAN. Yes, I will address it in full when I get a minute)
  • 12:48:02: Next: gropings when we apply for credit cards! RT @BreakingNews: CIA chief Panetta tells Congress US debt (is) a threat to national security
  • 12:59:06: Correct me if I'm wrong: CPAC is a gigantic circlejerk of conservatives talking about conservatism, with no idea how to make it work?
  • 13:12:46: I have to admit: Christopher Lee is kinda jacked. If I had his body, I'd take EVERY photo shirtless. Even ribbon cuttings.
  • 13:18:34: "You cannot be conservative and support gay rights". Good, because I'm libertarian. A real one. Look it up sometime.
  • 13:23:47: RT @DinaFraioli: Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan #CPAC2011 #wegetthemessage
  • 13:46:15: Two things that are boring me: 'Melo and Mubarak. The former, wake me when it's over. The latter, wake me when he's been shot like Ceausescu
  • 13:51:17: Related: I cannot pronounce Ceausescu to save my life.
  • 14:54:05: I can't picture the Utah Jazz without Jerry Sloan. I just can't.
  • 15:19:07: I don't like get-togethers like CPAC they're not important, long run - but I want to go just to meet half of you fuckers out there.
  • 15:20:37: He's in front of a firing squad on national TV. #reasonmubarakislateiflifewasawesome
  • 15:21:36: If what @Stein_Line_HQ is saying is accurate, Jerry Sloan's out because after all these years, he couldn't adjust to the modern superstar.
  • 15:32:20: Dear old lady: you're in a coffeehouse. PUT YOUR PHONE ON VIBRATE, YOU OLD BITCH. Bonus: it's the first stimulation you've likely had in yrs
  • 16:05:06: Dear Mr. Mubarak: Either step down and leave the country, or you will die there. It's that simple.
  • 16:14:42: RT @KeithOlbermann: Am I hearing this correctly? Has Wolf Blitzer just NOW figured out that Mubarak did not resign or transferred power? ...
  • 16:16:31: The people of Egypt were kindling. Mubarak just poured gasoline on them, lit a match, and rose it to the heavens like Hendrix.
  • 16:18:57: Silly Mubarak. Only Putin can do the whole "delegate power but not really give it up" act!
  • 16:32:51: I admit it: I just want to get this shit done so I can concentrate on stuff for TAG. Totally mailing in some of this work.
  • 17:21:31: Congratulations to Take Two for winning the Metacritic Broken Review System Award for getting the most games press to drool uncontrollably.
  • 17:49:43: 4,821 words on my Adieu PS2 piece. Can't say I'm slacking as a short timer. *looks at Faery review* ... OK, most of the time.
  • 19:46:11: RT @arstechnica: (Virtually) face to face: how Aaron Barr revealed himself to Anonymous: http://t.co/COtqPo8
  • 19:47:21: This whole Anonymous story is fucking fascinating. Here's the first part. It's a long read, but well worth it. http://bit.ly/dXqklT
  • 19:58:30: Today's "No Shit, Sherlock!" RT @BreakingNews: Obama: 'It is not yet clear that this transition is immediate, meaningful or sufficient'
  • 21:18:40: We need a judge on cases like Hotz vs. Sony that actually knows what the fuck she's doing on a computer. http://bit.ly/gSDSX0
  • 21:31:15: Fun fact: every single game in my Adieu PS2 list was developed in Japan, except honourable mentions.
  • 21:44:10: Me: "The government cannot institute a tax on plastic bags to 'modify' our behaviour. It's illegal." Them: "Plastic's ugly. Tax it!" #ugh
  • 21:45:23: Today's liberal: as long as the land is pretty and we have cable TV, who cares about civil liberties and freedom? #movetosingaporeyoudolt
  • 22:37:39: RT @JimSterling: Man, are software pirates the most indignant, easily offended people around. Apparently, illegally playing games makes ...
  • 22:37:53: This just in: the Big East is *really tough*.

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