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From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 17:19:35: SIgned up for a new gym. Love the ECC and it's freeness, but it's tiny and ill-equipped. Snap Fitness looks like a good fit for me.
  • 17:23:24: I am willing to pay money to not have to work out with 40 year old women in a room so small there's no oxygen. nd one that has free weights.
  • 17:23:28: RT @DevilOfSparda: Dear Activision, NO MORE ACQUISITIONS.
  • 17:24:11: They let Ann Coulter into CPAC? To speak!?
  • 17:26:03: Listen, conservatives: as long as you give weight to people who hatred and bile, and not even accurately, you will never gain ground.
  • 17:33:52: RT @dmataconis: RT @sarcasticbitch0: So trueRT @HunterFelt: Dear Libertarians: The Republican Party hates everything about you but your ...
  • 18:00:50: This is one of those days where I start thinking stupid shit. Like "I should go to school for law!". Should'a thought that in '04.
  • 18:08:51: I have a sudden interest in watching Yale women's hockey. Take one guess. http://bit.ly/hdwOM8
  • 20:14:38: I'm almost 31, and I know now that P+C was the wrong move (this is where your dad sneers). So you might be onto something.
  • 20:15:44: Sign you play too many sports games: you don't want to pull a trade because you've become attached to Virtual Mason Raymond.
  • 20:16:15: Bonus: This, despite you knowing you're dumb if you don't go for Raymond + prospect for Daniel Sedin.
  • 20:16:52: On the one hand: bringing the Sedins back together in Vancouver! Fuck the fantasy draft! On the other: Raymond has 95 speed. Speed kills.

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