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From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • 00:23:22: I'm disappointed that Eric Godard will miss more games than Trevor Gillies and Matt Martin.
  • 03:07:39: So, who's going to the EA event on Wednesday the 16th? @JVB, I know that's your thing usually, man.
  • 03:37:36: Keep encouraging PC devs, you stupid pirates. All you're doing is bringing SecuROM back... if we get PC games at all. http://bit.ly/hSSwt2
  • 03:40:01: Wait, Joffrey Lupul fought? With PK Subban!? Subban actually had the balls to drop the gloves?
  • 03:50:24: Everytime I see Nikolai Khabibulin play, I think of this song. @twelveicings will like this: http://youtu.be/rfjtpp90lu8
  • 03:54:11: Am I seriously watching an ad for "appetite control spray"? Really? Ladies: if you buy and use this, you are stupid and deserve what happens
  • 04:11:58: Watching Calgary vs. Vancouver from earlier. Isn't it ironic that the biggest FA signing for Vancouver migh… (cont) http://deck.ly/~W6fkD
  • 14:02:30: I almost want Sony to win at this point. http://bit.ly/ggvYRq
  • 14:05:21: Games press: you are dealing with *pirates*. They knowingly steal the work of others. You're surprised they're acting like assholes?
  • 14:30:00: RT @dmataconis: This is the weekend when America finally puts down its football toys and gets back to the serious business of baseball #MLB
  • 16:12:36: This is the heart that caused Martin Brodeur's divorce. RT @JazzShaw: You're nearly as good in bed as your sister #CandyHeartRejects

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