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From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 00:13:26: So I get home, and my Twitter feed is pretty much wall to wall Grammys. Wake me when it's over.
  • 00:28:02: RT @dcorsetto: Oh goddammit apparently anti-Valentine's Day is also a stereotype. I'm proposing we hunt for Easter eggs instead. Fuck yo ...
  • 02:05:41: So now that Arcade Fire has won a Grammy, do they lose their "indie" label?
  • 02:09:41: It's pretty notable when even my fiancee - and a mutual friend - is shocked whenever I agree with @DHGFMarkB.
  • 02:10:00: With that said, I'm getting tired of writing about Sakura Wars. This is like four times in the past month.
  • 04:52:13: "Guess who just got an import, never-opened copy of Segagaga? :D" This, from anti-everything Japan @edropple #fuckyoutoo #frownyface
  • 07:27:24: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Fame Nomination: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love: Sakura Wars finally hit US shores last y... http://bit.ly/gh0AoB
  • 17:21:04: RT @kluedeke29: Is there any more of a gongshow in professional sports right now than one Albert Haynesworth?
  • 17:22:15: So I read today that people are saying Take Two would take a takeover bid from Activision. Because they were so receptive to EA's bid.
  • 17:24:57: Speaking as a sports gamer, this would be a nightmare. First off, say goodbye to NHL 2K, forever. You'll get NBA 2K, and that's it.
  • 17:41:26: Holy shit, @gamespite had a wonderful thought: the DS's pathetic system specs actually *helped* its game library. http://bit.ly/ha7MEG
  • 17:43:57: With all due respect to one of my favourite writers, @MacGregorESPN is no Ed Hinton when it comes to talking NASCAR. http://es.pn/eOo1Wv
  • 17:57:06: So Govenor Malloy is going to tax the shit out of the rich, and raise the sales tax. THAT'S gonna boost jobs and consumer spending. #derp
  • 17:57:43: Let me state for the record that this is exactly what I was afraid of when people elected Malloy. Thanks for nothing, Bridgeport + New Haven
  • 18:02:47: I like to kiss Aileen, but to hell with this. RT @BreakingNews: Thai couples kiss for more than 33 hours to set new world record
  • 18:05:36: I love Sledgehammer. "We're aiming for a bug free CoD! And 95+ review scores! And then we'll become NEWTYPES!" How cheeky~
  • 18:07:48: So not only is DC Universe a subscription based MMO on a console, it's locked down to the $60/new disc? nothanks.jpg http://bit.ly/hbvyhX
  • 18:08:50: The fact that gamers are calling this a "great idea!" means gamers have Stockholm Syndrome. You people are pathetic.
  • 18:09:44: BZZZZZZZZZZT! Strike one against Xperia Play. http://bit.ly/hocErE
  • 18:15:14: It should also be noted that Sony's finally fired the big salvo on the used game market. "Piracy" is just a tool used to beat the stupid.
  • 18:16:44: What's fun about this is that DC Online has massive issues. Final Fantasy XIV like issues. People who don't like it are *FUCKED*/
  • 19:20:11: So Arcana Heart 3 has been confirmed for America. I wonder if they're going to let those little girls grow up this time.
  • 19:20:55: Related: thousands of paedophiles across North America are celebrating in their mothers' basements, before checking in via Megan's Law.
  • 19:36:00: Today is one of those depressing days when I remember just how short-sighted and stupid average "core" gamers really are.
  • 19:38:49: So does anyone have actual video of Rooney's goal against Man City on Saturday? I can't find it anywhere because the EPL takes it down.
  • 20:20:25: The goings-on at what is now known as simply "Fusion" are kinda sad to watch, and make me realize I made the right move in killing FESS.
  • 20:44:27: This article explains why CoD won't become the next Guitar Hero. Read between the lines. This is our industry, folks. http://bit.ly/gtC3hK
  • 21:34:36: Are you like me, and miss NFL 2K5? Go forth and multiply: that NFL/EA deal isn't going away. Via @SamitSarkar http://bit.ly/ihSxpP
  • 22:07:42: This article on Ars is a MUST READ. Think of someone more competent trying this shit. http://bit.ly/exkxNn
  • 22:12:34: Maybe I'm an idiot. If someone dredged into my private life to that extent, I would just kill them. I don't get scared, I get violent.
  • 22:24:08: RT @TheDCD: To the folks at Southpeak Interactive- BIG MISTAKE. @chupacaubrey was the best thing you had going for you. :P

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Feb. 15th, 2011 11:11 am (UTC)
I am going to, unfortunately, be buying AH3. #nothelpinganimefans
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