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From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 01:13:30: RT @SpaceDrakeCF: Oh, almost forgot to say: FUCK YEAH SLIME PLUSHIE.
  • 02:08:39: I can't wait to hear how people flame me for this, but: thank God for Jonathan Blow for calling them like he sees them. http://bit.ly/gJnY2G
  • 02:54:04: Good for Sega! They've found a new way to shit the same few Genesis games onto yet another service! Good on 'ya, guys~
  • 02:54:31: Though I have to ask: weren't these games released on that big Genesis Collection? And is ANYTHING coming to people not on PS+ anymore?
  • 03:08:37: Still think "social" games aren't evil? EA's boss just basically admitted they are. http://bit.ly/gEvCzk
  • 03:13:47: Anyone looking for an affordable racer that is still good years later: Ridge Racer Type 4 hits the PSN next week. It's still great.
  • 16:31:12: RT @libertypapers: Exonerated After 18 Years on Death Row, Anthony Graves Will Not Be Compensated on a Legal Technicality: Anthony ... h ...
  • 16:38:37: Good news: I finally made it above 500 followers! Bad news: They're almost all spammers, so I'm sure to fall back down again.
  • 18:34:45: I'm getting really tired of people having to pay for things that are already on the disc they paid $60 for. http://bit.ly/eb0vYR
  • 20:15:47: Anyone know what the crux of the new TOS on the PlayStation Network are without me reading through a 10K word document?
  • 20:25:48: Yep, found the big to-do in the TOS. Section 14: Sony's reserving the right on unauthorized consoles to remove content at its' whim.
  • 20:30:31: Section 15: They are explicitly saying that their laws are applicable within California. Not sure if that wa… (cont) http://deck.ly/~Zbavk
  • 20:33:37: I think if anyone really read the PlayStation Network TOS - all of it - they would freak out.
  • 21:10:57: Guys, when Karl Fucking Rove is the voice of reason... http://bit.ly/exFpnI
  • 21:47:44: WI's idea for requiring people to put into their insurance + pension: good! Their idea to curtail their rights to negotiate: not so good.
  • 21:48:37: I know it's fashionable to be anti-union nowadays, especially for non-union people, but there's a reason they exist. Can't go backwards.

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