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From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 02:27:28: It's sad at the first thing I thought of when I saw this post was @DevilOfSparda http://bit.ly/gt5DZ0
  • 03:00:06: So Chrome apparently has to crash Shockwave literally every time I open a Youtube video. Time to go back to Mozilla Memoryfox for a spell.
  • 05:28:29: Looks like Autodesk is making a move, having acquired Scaleform. This is a bigger deal than the layperson understands.
  • 16:56:17: They stated a reason, but I think Twitter, as they start doing more advertising, is going to start clamping down. http://goo.gl/fb/KrzMF
  • 17:01:38: I know funding is an issue. But voting to stop funding Planned Parenthood stinks of the religious right. http://bit.ly/g7hcOK
  • 17:07:07: Tell you what, right wingers: you vote to reduce defence spending and support for vouchers, I'll take you seriously on Planned Parenthood.
  • 17:20:08: RT @JimSterling: America: Where gay people can't marry, but drunks, pedophiles and all manner of scum can (and should!) have as many kid ...
  • 17:39:39: See, weeaboos? Even Japan has cookie-cutter bullshit that inexplicably sells like hotcakes. http://bit.ly/gGeLje
  • 18:06:48: Am I the only person who thinks that Katy Perry is the best showperson since Michael Jackson? Don't like the music, but she can PERFORM.
  • 18:09:40: RT @TheDCD: @superbus amazing boobs help too.
  • 18:11:55: *checks TSN* ... Well, it's official. Boston just became the favourite out of the East. Two amazing trades.
  • 18:12:31: Lost in the Kaberle shuffle is Boston getting Boris Valabik. He's got the potential to be a Hal Gill type. Great pickup.
  • 18:13:34: Woah, there's other trades! Big fucking trades! Brian Elliott for Craig Anderson straight-up? Colorado just fucked up. @thegoalieguild
  • 19:41:42: Pinko commie. RT @dmataconis: I don't care what this says about me politically, Ramen Noodles suck
  • 20:43:55: Once again, a publisher is trying to bully games press. Keep your advertising money, dickheads. http://bit.ly/gjNvlG
  • 21:33:11: Interesting convo with @edropple did make me wonder: where do my writing peeps rate themselves as writers? I constantly think of this shit.
  • 23:24:08: I favorited a YouTube video -- Keane-Again And Again (With Lyrics) http://youtu.be/mAyNOXzGRp8?a
  • 23:29:32: OK, does Louisville really play at a place called the "KFC Yum! Center"? Really?
  • 23:48:29: RT @Chupacaubrey: Honestly I won't be happy with my work as Dead Island's official spokesperson until Bill O'Reilly cuts off my mike in ...
  • 23:53:36: Reading "See, Click, Fix" on the Valley Indy site is fun. Apparently, there's a snow gestapo in Ansonia. #youneedahobby

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Feb. 19th, 2011 12:11 pm (UTC)
Wow. Defunding Planned Parenthood is low. Newsflash, those who voted against it: Abortions are only one service of many they provide to lower-income women! Nice job screwing over some of the more vulnerable people out there!
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