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From Twitter 02-19-2011

  • 01:23:26: I wonder if the directors of The Hurt Locker and Far Cry knew their movies would become swear words for their viewers.
  • 01:24:55: "Oh yeah, you did Hurt Locker! That's the movie that those lawyers are using to destroy the copyright system in America! Yeah!"
  • 02:10:08: What the FUCK!? Erik Johnson and Jay McClement for Shattenkirk and Chris Stewart!? WHAT is John Davidson THINKING!? #blowitup
  • 02:44:58: If you bought a PSP because of the PSP Marcus campaign, I hope it blows up in your hands. http://bit.ly/h50jf7
  • 02:52:32: Must read piece at Ars Technica about Halfbot, or rather, the stolen Halfbot. This is the dark side of mobile gaming. http://bit.ly/gJSjET
  • 03:08:57: Here's my thought on the Dead Island trailer: it made me exceptionally uncomfortable. MIssion accomplished.
  • 03:09:33: Of course, it's SUPPOSED to do that. If the child was an adult, no one would bitch. But the child was a zombie. She was already dead.
  • 03:09:53: And yes, children die. Yes, it's a zombie game, but in real life, children die. Just read the news. Children die. Painfully.
  • 03:12:47: I'm waiting for a game to take a hard look at a TRULY horrible subject. Like child sex trafficking. Will people get the context? (Hint: no)
  • 03:16:13: ... I shouldn't be surprised and disgusted that my last tweet brought so many spambots for "dating" sites, but...
  • 04:11:55: My "Mr. Ed" reference was left into the latest HoS piece. Either Alex fell asleep at the switch, or said "fuck it, he's almost gone".
  • 04:14:59: Wait, what the fuck? Justin Bieber actually has some basketball game? Are you serious? Little shit was hitting NBA 3s!
  • 04:50:57: Utterly meaningless RT @BreakingNews: House passes sweeping spending bill cutting$60 billion, easing regulations on business - AP
  • 10:48:43: Dear Wisconsin Dems: You are embarrassing. You have to vote. Even if you lose, you have to vote. You are subverting your own democracy.
  • 10:49:42: Ask yourselves this, Democrats: if the Republicans pulled this shit, would you be going absolutely batshit? If you say no, you're a liar.
  • 11:02:59: I love how people use Ronald Reagan as a conservative beacon. This is assuming he was actually a conservative in practice, w/ that spending.
  • 11:03:24: This seems to be a large part of the conservative movement. People saying one thing, then doing the exact opposite without realizing it.
  • 11:51:25: The encounter rate in Dragon Quest VI is obscene, even by Dragon Quest standards. I can't take three freaking steps without a battle.
  • 11:53:12: I can't even figure out how to get around the map because every time I think, I'm in a fight. I have to use Holy Water to get around.
  • 11:53:49: ... And right after using it, I get into a fight that's ended in one shot. Why bother?
  • 12:15:10: Great piece by Owen Good about someone's NHL '11 dynasty. I'd like to know how this guy drafted so well! http://bit.ly/fpJQbm

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