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From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 00:05:40: Only a truly spoiled society can talk about a player jumping over a FUCKING CAR to dunk a basketball as being overrated
  • 02:11:06: RT @ShababLibya: how is it in the 21st cent, a leader can massacre their people, a hospital out of beds and blood, and the world is sile ...
  • 02:45:48: I've had a grand total of two console shooters interest me. The first was Modern Warfare. Killzone 3 might be #2.
  • 02:51:25: The fact that @chupacaubrey had to put out a press release that Dead Island's rights have NOT been sold mean… (cont) http://deck.ly/~JjfPu
  • 04:12:25: Borrowed two games from my younger brother. One of them was DW6: Empires. Ah, yes... NOW I remember why I hated that game. #help #hurry
  • 04:12:51: The other was Dragon Age: Origins, a game I will have to restart with my PC OOC. Let's rock.
  • 17:02:31: If you are going to Wisconsin to "support" the unions, and you are not from Wisconsin, you are a pathetic bandwagon jumper.
  • 17:28:31: RT @dmataconis: Its hard to verify anything coming out of #Libya but the prospect of Gaddafi's reign coming to an end is quite tantalizing.
  • 17:28:56: RT @dmataconis: Here's the question, though. After Gaddafi, what's next? He and his cronies control every aspect of the state #Libya
  • 17:38:29: I can confirm personally a lot of what @JimSterling is saying. Most that I've talked to in passing about Topware says the same stuff.
  • 17:38:56: I've also gotten a few "no comments" from people who are usually verbose. It's amateur psychology, but I think that's telling.
  • 18:18:12: I forget who this guy is singing the Canadian national anthem, but he's pissing me off. #heritageclassic
  • 18:25:48: I'll admit it: I hate the Calgary uniforms. Why not just use what they did in their '86 and '89 Cup matchups?
  • 20:37:07: RT @TheScotty2Hotty: These days? Get a dad who's a wrestler. RT @Miz_HHH_Alex: @TheScotty2Hotty What's your advice to someone who wants ...
  • 20:39:58: Ever notice that the bitch bartenders in the Miller Light commercials mostly have messed up teeth? I find that hilarious.

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