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From Twitter 02-21-2011

  • 00:55:28: Thank God Ian O'Connor is a hack writer, and not a GM. http://es.pn/gDXxmZ
  • 00:56:16: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: I'm a big NBA fan but I can't wear the name of a dude younger than me on my back
  • 03:42:40: MLB's Greatest Games is awesome to watch. Just a few relevant people going over a game from top to bottom. Great watch.
  • 04:51:15: The AOL Way was leaked to Business Insider. Translation: all they care about is ad-sells. Journalism is dying. http://read.bi/fcQPMA
  • 04:56:28: What bothers me about "The AOL Way" is that we're seeing it too much in video games. I just call it "The Gawker/Kotaku Way"
  • 05:00:17: When are people going to realize that "clicks" are fickle? Just because I click doesn't mean I read, and if your content sucks, you suck.
  • 05:01:02: This is why I take anything at Kotaku that isn't written by Owen Good with a mound of salt. All they care about are clickthroughs.
  • 05:47:12: RT @gilsimmons: Head on car vs Ambulance crash in Wallingford... @kentonpierce live on scene with coverage! Be careful it is SLICK out t ...
  • 15:24:57: Risen 2 was announced. Hopefully, the power of @chupacaubrey saves another open ended WRPG series from sucking.
  • 15:25:05: RT @dmataconis: The whining protesters in Wisconsin are nothing. The real story is in #Libya
  • 15:25:25: Let me add to that: all you liberal heroes protesting in Wisconsin? Go to Libya and protest. Show some balls.
  • 15:48:34: Wait. Two Worlds III was leaked by the douchebag that works for Topware? In Destructoid's comments? What the fuck? I'm confused.
  • 15:54:33: Keep your Bulletstorm and other demos. MLB '11 The Show demo tomorrow. I'm *erect*.
  • 15:56:09: This seems like a LOT to give up for Goligoski. RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: DAL trades James Neal and Matt Niskanen to PIT for Alex Goligoski.
  • 16:08:53: Hey @DToid! Nice post about WaltzForLuma, but don't discount my friend Vyctori/Youtube user rosarumflores. http://bit.ly/dMg5GD
  • 16:23:35: OK, I admit I haven't been following this story as much as I should, but is Libya actually BOMBING ITSELF?
  • 16:49:47: To me, for years, Gaddafi has been something of a joke or a punchline. The past week has slapped me back to reality.
  • 16:50:19: Though I'm reminded once again that my two most reliable sources for news are 1) British websites and 2) Twitter. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, you suck.
  • 19:39:09: There is a curling minigame in Dragon Quest VI. GOTY.
  • 22:14:50: If the Denver Post is correct, then Jimmy Dolan just fucked up the Knicks. Again. We just got another 30 game scorer who doesn't win.

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