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From Twitter 02-22-2011

  • 02:35:25: Hey. Sony. I bought PlayStation Plus. OK? I bought it via a card for a reason. DO NOT just set my account to auto-bill. God damnit.
  • 02:41:15: I know Wisconsin is trying to get the public sector under control. Admirable. But not compromising on collective bargaining is not the way.
  • 02:41:37: Wisconsin's issues bring to mind the term "give a brother a rope, he thinks he's a cowboy".
  • 03:45:45: OK, Dragon Age is really pissing me off by bullshitting me with fake (DLC) quests, then keeping them in my quest log.
  • 08:07:27: Review: Faery: Legends of Avalon (Sony PlayStation 3): Faery: Legends of Avalon Developer: Focus Home Interactiv... http://bit.ly/hxL7Cw
  • 15:35:14: Yes, Senator. This will balance the budget. RT @BreakingNews: U.S. Sen. Harry Reid urges Nevada lawmakers to ban brothels - Reno Gazette
  • 15:39:52: I'm one of those that am opposed to the law restricting public employee bargaining and unions. Am I a bad LIbertarian?
  • 15:41:59: RT @Ronnie2K: #NBA2K11 Roster Update with Carmelo Anthony to go live overnight per 2K Insider now that trade is confirmed
  • 15:47:19: I know this is supposed to be about Dissidia, but all I could do while reading was go "FUCK YOU NOMURA!!!" http://bit.ly/gppixM
  • 16:23:00: I think @BrianLemon and other Star Trek fans on my list are celebrating. http://bit.ly/fYpu4y
  • 16:39:11: Oh crap, Faery went live today. Sorry for the shit editing job I left you with, @DHGFMarkB. http://bit.ly/fOKlZ5 (My last review sucks)
  • 16:48:38: Dear Bulletstorm: You cannot "kill with skill" with a controller. Sorry. #elitistpcshooterasshole
  • 17:04:05: Dear Jim Calhoun: you got off lucky. Just nod, show some rare humility, and move on.
  • 17:05:03: RT @dmataconis: RT @TPCarney: : Mitch Daniels is right, and Right to Work is wrong >> http://bit.ly/hF5l6Q
  • 17:32:22: "That's a good song you're whistling. What's it from?" "It's the opening song from a hentai game!" "... Oh... kay..."
  • 19:21:23: And we wonder why we're losing jobs. These are Stop + shop's self-checkouts. http://yfrog.com/hsdt2uxj
  • 21:11:22: Great editorial by the Globe and Mail about Mikhail Grabovski's concussion. Yes, it was a concussion, Mr. Burke. http://bit.ly/hBnxBj
  • 21:15:49: What happens when the first of many hockey cheques arrive and clear? I lose all discipline whatsoever. I will have GET Awards later.
  • 21:21:42: RT @TheGoalieGuild: The @elitegoalies Prospects Review is FREE to view. The first issue will be published on March 5. Available in both ...
  • 21:21:50: RT @TheGoalieGuild: The EG Prospects Review is dedicated to informing readers and coaches on high-level male and female goalie prospects ...
  • 21:28:05: Today's trip to Gamestop was like a repressed Catholic chick losing her virginity. I felt shame, but had to have more.
  • 21:41:57: One thing that did NOT get picked up: nail'd. I'll buy that one used. And yes, that's intentional. #dontfuckwithourprladiessouthpeak
  • 21:51:22: Let me translate this for Southpeak's investors: "PANIC! PANIC! MAYDAY!" http://aol.it/ePDrsv Couldn't happen to better people. #fuckem
  • 22:06:28: RT @dmataconis: U.S is issuing evacuation order for Americans in #Libya. In the words of @MayorEmanuel what the fuck took so motherfucki ...
  • 22:06:52: I have been reminded that nail'd is actually a Deep Silver game, and not SouthPeak. Therefore, I will buy it tomorrow. New.
  • 22:24:30: Yep. Sony pulled the "we have a game people want, so we're going to overcharge for it" trick with Xenogears. Oh well. *breaks out hard copy*
  • 22:38:55: RT @dmataconis: RT @abuhatem: Good for @AC360, he is devoting a lot of attention to Qaddafi and Bahrain and showing the bloody videos fo ...
  • 22:44:25: Looks like Sony might actually be building new hardware to counter the hack. Question: will new games require it? http://bit.ly/gPoUbp
  • 22:46:06: I only have one question about Ys Chronicles: does it play exactly like the PC version? Are there differences?
  • 23:06:45: Once *AGAIN*, Michael Pachter is trying to influence the market with his "predictions". http://bit.ly/eI91Gv
  • 23:58:47: One of my gets: an expensive headset for all of my consoles. THankfully, it DOES work on the PC. Now I can record audio well!

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