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From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 02:12:40: What in GOD'S name is Dan Gilbert thinking!?
  • 12:48:17: A "Chinese Bistro" without an all-white staff. Warning. (@ P. F. Chang) http://4sq.com/dWx9At
  • 13:01:26: So the Penguins are apparently Alexei Kovalev's binky?
  • 16:56:26: Lessons learned about PF Changs: 1) never eat at a mall restaurant, 2) if you see white people working in a Chinese place, run.
  • 16:57:53: I initially was going to cuss out @mcuban for this. Then I realized that this might end the unskippable 30 sec. ad era http://tcrn.ch/hZMRlr
  • 17:21:04: "Honey, my friends have enough blackmail on me - both involving and not involving my penis - for years. They don't need more." #mylife

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