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From Twitter 02-28-2011

  • 03:17:24: Bad CVG! Bad misleading headline! BAD! Jesus guys, you can't do anything right lately. http://bit.ly/eeIlOi
  • 03:44:10: Interesting. Vagrant Story hits on PSN this week? Note to SCEA: If it's $10, I will gleefully go back to emulating it.
  • 04:55:20: Congratulations, games press. In your zest to be FIRST, you gave some shitty Canadian movie troupe free advertising.
  • 04:55:39: I swear to God, you stupid motherfuckers will report anything.
  • 09:21:05: I wonder if I'm even going to be allowed to write my last HOF piece. I shouldn't care, but this one, I do.
  • 09:27:53: RT @jlist: "Anatidaephobia, the fear that you are being watched by a Duck. That's ridiculous, who would ever OH MY GOD." http://t.co/v5RgE3I
  • 10:06:10: Who the fuck is Tammy Bruce, and why is she relevant?
  • 10:09:39: 81% of Bulletstorm sales in the UK went to the 360. And we wonder why we have to pay for Live.
  • 12:57:49: This, from a woman from Canada's warmest region. XD RT @twelveicings: Why so cold, Victoria?
  • 13:06:57: Here's where I stand on the Wisconsin standoff: I hate the wingnuts on BOTH sides.
  • 13:19:22: Oh, this is precious. Just got a SURPRISE BOSS FIGHT in Ys. Guess who hadn't saved.
  • 13:27:01: This is fresh. Ubisoft has apparently made it so that viewers outside Europe can't see their idiotic trailer for We Dare via copyright.
  • 13:27:35: I don't know if that's an Ubisoft fail, an America fail, or both.
  • 13:55:56: You'd think he'd have learned from Noriega. RT @Reuters: Gaddafi accuses West of abandoning him http://reut.rs/eEY1x2
  • 14:03:38: This might be the worst NHL draft deadline ever.

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