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From Twitter 03-01-2011

  • 01:21:22: I learned today that Keith Olbermann only posts allows comments on his new site that 100% agree with him. And he bitches about O'Reilly?
  • 01:32:22: You know, I wonder if Charlie Sheen is batshit crazy because we keep masturbating to his antics like howler monkeys.
  • 02:00:23: So the big move at the NHL Deadline was... Dustin Penner? All that bullshit for nothing?
  • 02:47:54: Three degrees my ass. Why is it so damn cold?
  • 03:14:24: RT @DevilOfSparda: Catherine is forfucking real, y'all. http://www.catherinethegame.com/
  • 03:21:57: Oh that's right, a new Pokemon drops this weekend. I don't know what it says that I barely even registered this fact.
  • 08:06:29: So, to all my peeps at GDC: Did anyone walk out when Zynga was talking about how awesome they were? Please tell me someone walked out.
  • 10:14:54: Maybe, with the release of Beyond Good and Evil HD, I can finally see what the big fucking deal is.
  • 10:15:19: (I say that as someone who HAS played the original. Owns it, as a matter of fact. I just don't see it as anything beyond average)
  • 10:30:38: My positions on local politics make me wonder if I'm just a closeted liberal.
  • 13:53:17: Seeing @ErikaS981 posting about Whole Foods frustrates me. The closest thing the Valley has to whole food is the pastry section at Starbucks
  • 13:56:32: That's it! I'm officially issuing a moratorium on Charlie Sheen discussion from this point forward! Enough!
  • 14:56:52: I see this as a betrayal. Not a surprising one, but a betrayal. RT @ValleyIndy: Chris Dodd to head MPAA. http://bit.ly/dUN7VY
  • 16:12:12: Sorry, guys. There's a lot of reasons to not like Tucker Carlson. His comment on Palin is waaaaaaaaay down there.
  • 16:14:55: Sending troops to Libya? Just what the Arab world wants to see: the United States sticking its nose into other peoples' business. Again.
  • 16:18:24: For some reason, I have the theme song to Hill Street Blues stuck in my head. Not that I mind.
  • 16:50:45: I can't believe I'm actually going to go to this BOE meeting tonight. Every time I get involved locally, I tend to regret it.
  • 16:59:17: I feel confident in myself, because I still don't really know what Groupon is. I would like to keep it this way. #dontfuckingtellmedamnit
  • 17:10:27: RT @ValleyIndy: A few minutes ago our scanner said there's an accident in front of BJ's on Division in Derby. #cttraffic
  • 17:21:32: RT @CMDeB: RT @daveweigel: Before he has tweeted anything @charliesheen already past 16000 followers #youpeoplearesick
  • 17:25:59: Quick Twitter poll that about four friends will answer: most underrated player in the NBA? I say Aaron Afflalo. Go.
  • 17:38:55: I swear, if NBA 2K11 sends another pass to the wrong side of the COURT, I'm going to turn it into a clay pigeon.
  • 18:25:46: OK, let's go see if my not being a Democrat or Republican gets me blown off yet again in Derby...
  • 22:02:15: RT @DevilOfSparda: You're a girl and you don't mind the sexual crap in Ar tonelico? Good for you. Some of us aren't prude, just tired of ...

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Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:40 am (UTC)
— Yes, Catherine happens in July! If I still have a job at that point, I intend to be one of the first to get it.

— Have been looking forward to Pokémon Black & White. No particular reason. Except that I get to be present for the launch of a new region from the beginning, this time. (Diamond & Pearl did not happen at a very opportune time for me.)

Beyond Good & Evil is simultaneously overrated and underrated. A strange conundrum.

— Gadhafi is done. Only a question of time. Did not realize that the rebels had already secured more than half the country, including cities close to the capital. U.N. (meaning the U.S.) might support with air strikes, but troops on the ground are unlikely (according to Gates).

— I must not understand the hate that Ar Tonelico is inspiring.
Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:55 pm (UTC)
As I explained to Liz, games like Ar Tonelico and by extension Record of Agarest War and other games coming out of Japan recently, the fanservice in these games is insulting to my intelligence, and I say this as someone who is normally a sexual person. It's specifically catered to lonely weeaboos (I say "weeaboos", because the problem has gotten worse specifically because of Americans) who cannot find a real woman under any circumstances, and due to their crippling social issues, likely won't. It caters to the lowest common denominator. I like sex in my games - one of my favourite recent games IS Kazoku Keikaku, after all - but I don't like the feeling that I'm being pandered to, or that someone much dumber than I am is being pandered to.
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