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From Twitter 03-02-2011

  • 08:15:01: Gaming news sucks today. Basically, it's a bunch of shit on GDC panels, and EA jerking itself off about Battlefield 3.
  • 08:15:29: "Battlefield 3 is going to reinvent shooters!" Woah, you're going to have it doing something other than pointing and clicking bad guys!?
  • 08:35:20: RT @vexentrix: *** Don't click on links in any tweets mentioning 11.6 hours. It's a scam ... ***
  • 08:47:12: I've never really looked at GameStop Rewards until now. It just confirms that they're modern day box tops, with equivalent "prizes" #crap
  • 08:49:40: The only way to really do well on rewards is to trade stuff in. If you went solely on purchases, it'd take $1,000 to get $10 off a game.
  • 08:50:48: STAMPEDE!!! RT @SoldierX: My IPad Prediction: it will launch immediately, Like they will say IPad 2 will be available in stores....NOW!
  • 09:24:45: Thoughts on MLB 2K11 demo: Same shit, different year. Hitting's still weird. There's imporvements, but it's no Show.
  • 09:26:10: Now, let's see if THIS Top Spin game can actually be better than a six year old PS2 game (Smash Court 2)
  • 09:29:27: Oh my God. This. Is. TERRIBLE. #topspin4
  • 09:33:25: IT doesn't help that 2K's demos are typically pathetic; little gameplay, no frills, and forced hard sells (I can't just rematch). EUGH!
  • 09:35:42: Finally, fuck Sega for throwing their shitty Sonic the Hedgehog port (with the same audio problems as XBLA!) onto the PSN. Damnit, guys.
  • 10:17:08: Thoughts on MLB The SHow demo: Same shit, different year. But it's a better game than 2K11, so there's that. Analogue is tacked on, though.
  • 10:20:55: I'm sorry, guys, but the decision in Snyder v. Phelps was correct. The 1st Amendment protects ALL free speech. Even shitty speech.
  • 10:24:47: For those unaware of why Chris Dodd leading the MPAA is a terrible thing, here's something from back in '07: http://bit.ly/dWfbKN
  • 10:36:58: Dear Sony: Vagrant Story was $5.99. Therefore, I purchased it. Take notice!
  • 10:37:28: Dear demo makers: pay close attention to the Killzone 3 demo. Notice the amount of gameplay in it. You especially, 2K. Your demos suck.
  • 10:39:52: RT @MacGregorESPN: I think baseball fans should buy the New York Mets. Public ownership by the share. If you like this idea, please retw ...
  • 11:40:14: RT @SpaceDrakeCF: Oh, according to Volition dude: they're fired up to do Freespace 3, but they can't get the rights back from Interplay' ...
  • 12:17:48: That was easily the most stressful 4-3 win of my life online. #nhl11 #ihateonline
  • 13:35:32: For anyone saying the Knicks have a title shot: Shawne Williams started last night, and they cut Corey Brewer. They're going nowhere.
  • 16:05:07: Hey, I wonder if Mel Gibson is taking notes from Charlie Sheen.
  • 16:49:54: Still no USB port on the iPad = still no sale.
  • 16:50:51: RT @DevilOfSparda: A Black Ops SP demo... Four months later??? WTF Treyarch?
  • 17:11:01: RT @BrainLemon: So excited... Infinity Blade, one of the best games for any platform last year, gets a HUGE content pack today!!
  • 17:12:19: This flowchart says I should root for the Atlanta Braves. The person who made this flowchart is a terrorist. http://bit.ly/fS74Kb
  • 17:15:31: What's funny is that I came dangerously close to actually picking the Mariners, my AL team.
  • 17:28:16: A.J. Hawk was cut by the Packers? Nothing freaking surprises me with the NFL anymore. This is why the players have to hold fast.
  • 23:28:03: RT @TheEconomist: Teach for America has apparently been designated an "earmark" in the GOP budget and slated for elimination http://econ ...
  • 23:34:49: Great points by @JimSterling about "innovation" that I totally agree with. http://bit.ly/dMCdgl
  • 23:36:41: I have 516 followers. I obviously need to start hanging out with more porn stars and getting more restraining orders. #notwinning

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Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:36 pm (UTC)
No, you're not winning. Loser. Buh-bye!

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