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From Twitter 03-03-2011

  • 00:58:33: Twenty games for Trevor Gillies. Enough is enough. Send this piece of shit to the Federal League where he belongs. He'll fit in in Danbury.
  • 01:14:19: For 20 year old Brandon Davies, sex is an fireable offence. When I was 19 years old, sex was practically a job requirement.
  • 01:46:31: Sorry Twitterverse, but I'm much more excited to see @GeorgeTakei on Twitter than @CharlieSheen
  • 10:27:03: You mean to tell me a bunch of teenagers with 100% tech skills and 0% social skills is a clusterfuck? No shit! http://bit.ly/ieVoEP
  • 10:29:44: Irony: BYU booted a kid for getting laid. Yet bigger schools use sex (w/ coeds) specifically to GET kids. Weird world.
  • 10:41:43: FASCINATING video of someone with a hilarious South African accent upgrading Windows from 1.0 all the way to 7. http://youtu.be/vPnehDhGa14
  • 11:08:55: I know this violates my moratorium, but I need to remind people of just how much damage @charliesheen does to women. http://bit.ly/hQT3zO
  • 11:15:32: Where I come from, 60 is warm. #RT @ValleyIndy: NO heat in the office. 60 degrees in here.
  • 12:12:52: RT @TomHTweets: State of Ct Court building in Derby doesn't honor fallen soldier. #flagfail #halfmast @valleyindy @connpost
  • 12:23:42: I think my terminal case of burnout might be passing. I've got a bug up my ass today. Time to write.
  • 12:43:07: I'm glad both of Derby's democratic mayoral candidates agree on one thing: the last thing Derby needs is another damn strip mall.
  • 13:44:57: "Violence against civilians will be monitored" Listen to Barack Obama getting TOUGH on Gaddafi! OH SNAP SON!
  • 13:45:19: I hate to say it, but times like this, I kinda miss the colourful rhetoric that George Bush was so good at.
  • 13:46:14: Woah, really!? PSPGo will ONLY be $150 now? Holy shit! Let me go and... uh, continue to ignore this turd. http://j.mp/i77A9g
  • 13:57:34: RT @DevilOfSparda: @superbus OMG! $150! That's- Oh wait I got my 3000 that can take UMDs, a memory stick, AC Bloodlines and Angela & Dem ...
  • 14:14:48: Good on the Packers for re-signing AJ Hawk to a five year deal, just to surely cut him two years later. Again. http://es.pn/hIMQMn
  • 15:02:08: These questions make me wish I went to college. RT @skiptoalittle: Laundry or nap? ... Napping while laundry is in the machine?
  • 17:26:36: #RINO RT @CMDeB: So is the TP's grand plan to beat the hell out of every Republican in the primary so they're weakened in the general?
  • 17:28:58: Watching hockey while I write. Let's see what @Psymin1 was talking about yesterday.
  • 17:53:53: WOw, I didn't realize this: Hugh Jessiman made his NHL debut on the 27th against the Devils. Congratulations!
  • 17:54:48: I know it's fun to make fun of him because of his struggles, but people don't understand what it takes to make the AHL, let alone the NHL.
  • 19:29:29: It's 7:30 at night and all I want to do is sleep. I'm not quite 31, yet I feel like I'm 61.
  • 19:29:46: RT @IAmJoelWest: RT @ninatypewriter: RT @TWlTTERWHALE: Twitter Profile Views app is hacking accounts. Please Retweet to warn other users ...
  • 19:33:19: Damnit, @TSNBobMcKensie and @DarrenDreger: Stop teasing us with this Winnipeg horsepuck. We know PHX is going nowhere.
  • 19:36:58: Put it this way: I wouldn't leave the Canucks, but you bet your ass I would have a @twelveicings-like flirtation with the Jets. XD
  • 20:21:05: Your tax dollars at work. RT @arstechnica: Illegal TV streamers, here's how the feds will hunt you down http://arst.ch/ogc
  • 20:34:54: Sorry, but "they stripped him naked" is not a defence of Brad Manning that I care about. They did that to us on our first day of boot camp.
  • 20:35:45: Ever stand at attention, buck naked, in a room with 150 other people, while you're all getting called "little dick"? Welcome to the Navy.
  • 21:03:48: Just think, Boston fans: this is Tampa Bay's BACKUP.
  • 21:34:09: OK, either the Miami Heat are killing a contender, or the Magic aren't contenders. I say a little of both columns.
  • 21:38:47: RT @CMDeB: Can't even watch basketball w/o the cheesy Charlie Sheen references. #noescape
  • 21:44:54: We see a great game between Eastern Conference powers. I see that half of Miami's arena is empty. #thesefanssuck
  • 22:24:09: I hate to say this, but the Heat are choking.
  • 22:32:23: Typical Gilbert Arenas: he shot Orlando back into this game, and he's about to shoot them back out of it.
  • 23:13:26: Yes, THAT one counts. Can't fuck that goal up with a shitty call. @Psymin1 should be pleased. #redwings
  • 23:27:05: Another "legendary" developer pointificates - stupidly - about game publishing. This is why I don't bother with #GDC http://bit.ly/dIGtMU
  • 23:29:59: One more note about games: if I hear you talking about the importance of game "analytics", you should find a more suitable job. Like porn.

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