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From Twitter 03-04-2011

  • 10:23:43: I can't concentrate for shit, so I think it's time to do the Massive Follow Friday Bomb! Haven't done one in awhile.
  • 10:24:20: Here's how this works: I pick people you should follow, and tweet about Every. Single. One. If that's a problem, unfollow me for an hour.
  • 10:28:42: #FF @jlist Peter sells everything you could think of from Japan, including unmentionables. Has a great rapport with his customers.
  • 10:29:35: #FF @revolver_ A personal friend, and all around cool chick. Recently became a waitress. Learning it's fucking hard work.
  • 10:33:00: #FF @hatsuyuki Runs a great little game based on Pokemon called the VDex Project. Give it a shot sometime. http://j.mp/i8IjV8
  • 10:33:48: #FF @ValleyIndy In charge of the Valley Independent Sentinel, the go-to site for local news in my region. A must-read site for locals.
  • 10:34:59: #FF @gorrie Security expert who often gives talks about the medium. He really knows his shit.
  • 10:35:44: #FF @raywashere Another IT guy, this one also happens to referee hockey in my area as well. Currently the best source for Metro North hate.
  • 10:36:57: #FF @burning_phoneix Displaced Saudi Arabian in New Zealand, also a freelance writer for DHGF. Also a football expert, all around good guy.
  • 10:37:25: #FF @mozactly Another reporter for the Valley Indy, her work is thorough and concise. A model journalist.
  • 10:38:00: #FF @JVB All around great writer and podcaster for too many places to name in a tweet. One of the best networkers in the games industry.
  • 10:39:17: #FF @HeroicSuperman Co-host of the Post Game Report, and a dedicated father. Everyone on PGR is great, and Rafael is no exception.
  • 10:40:44: #FF @ErikaS981 Local chick who I've known a long time, her thoughts on food, the Red Sox and daily life should be sought out.
  • 10:42:12: #FF @Psymin1 Outstanding movie writer for IP Movies, and huge Red Wings fan. Talented actor going through post-grad work.
  • 10:43:22: #FF @SPBowley High school sports writer for the Connecticut Post, his work is must-read. Also hates UCONN, which is a definite bonus.
  • 10:44:45: #FF @dmataconis The model libertarian. An accomplished lawyer, he's one of the few who can separate fact from rhetoric. A must follow.
  • 10:45:35: #FF @BigSamTweets Outstanding writer who unfortunately works for one of the worst companies in America. Great resource on anime + Japan.
  • 10:46:19: #FF @Jposnanski Baseball writer for SI. Yes, he's wordy, but read him anyway. No one writes more majestically about sports.
  • 10:47:48: #FF @emuparadise This will get me in trouble, but I don't care. Retro emulation is a critical resource, and no one does it better. Period.
  • 10:49:04: #FF @Chupacaubrey PR woman for Deep Silver. One of the few who deeply care about their games beyond simply getting them sold.
  • 10:49:44: #FF @T_DaSilva One of the few games journalists in CT who are worth a damn, also has experience on the development side.
  • 10:53:19: #FF @tech_gaming Runs an outstanding games site of the same name, and focuses heavily on Japanese games. Quality writer.
  • 10:55:05: #FF @DHGFMadson Games writer for DHGF with a focus on Square Enix stuff. Really talented, knows how to see through the gloss.
  • 10:55:51: #FF @DHGFMarkB Senior editor at DHGF, no one states his side of things as well as he does. An outstanding read, and a good person.
  • 10:56:52: #FF @DHGFAileen She's marrying a dumbass, but we won't hold that against her~ Terrific writer, brilliant games commentator. Good in the sack
  • 10:57:24: #FF @PostGameReport I usually don't listen to podcasts - not enough time - but these guys are worth a listen. I guest here sometimes.
  • 10:58:10: #FF @SoldierX Another PGR guy, and an Army recruiter. Give him credit; I tried to balance games and military, and didn't do nearly as well.
  • 10:59:22: #FF @PhantomZwei He's not very active on Twitter, but if you like Japanese visual/eroge novels, his Youtube reviews are outstanding.
  • 11:00:40: #FF @kluedeke29 Hockey writer for the New England Hockey Journal. Must follow for local hockey fans; knows everything from HS to pro.
  • 11:01:05: #FF @TheGoalieGuild Freelance goaltending coach who works with the Avalanche. No one can talk goaltending as well as him.
  • 11:03:16: #FF @BrianLemon Libertarian blogger and commentator. Outstanding view of things, even if we don't always agree, he's sharp and concise.
  • 11:04:13: #FF @CMDeB A conservative with a conscience. Has an outstanding ability to see through the BS and the hype regarding pundits.
  • 11:04:51: #FF @DevilOfSparda News writer for RPG Fan. Tremendously knowledgeable about the industry, and one of my best friends ever.
  • 11:07:18: #FF @ESPNCommentary For a massive media conglomerate, this is a very well run Twitter account. Very active in discussions.
  • 11:08:28: #FF @SpaceDrakeCF Founder of Carpe Fulgur. Localized Recattear, working on Chantelise. A top notch localizer, and great industry commentator
  • 11:09:08: #FF @TheDCD Hillarious writer for Gameplaybook.com, and co-host on the Post Game Report.
  • 11:09:49: #FF @gamespite Long time journalist who currently writes for IGN and his own site. One of the best retro writers on the internet.
  • 11:12:06: #FF @RepTKlarides State representative for Derby and surrounding areas. She's a politician who's judgement I trust. Need I say more?
  • 11:14:42: #FF @derbynecklibrary I am going to keep shoving this down the throat of the Valley until they get more than 12 followers.
  • 11:15:32: And finally, #FF @gamingbus Because it's me! Site coming soon! Please bookmark the site. My bank account will thank you.
  • 11:23:32: I like how I always get "Twitter API is temporarily unavailable" whenever I try to block/report spammers. #getoutofmyfeed
  • 11:52:34: RT @dmataconis: A Quick Thought on Education Reform http://bit.ly/htQtjS
  • 12:32:24: The GDC speech by @bbrathwaite is a must read. http://bit.ly/hMG2rw (reg required)
  • 12:40:57: Sometimes, our best writing is done when reconciling. A good one from back in September, as I try to find my groove. http://bit.ly/da2yer
  • 14:12:33: THE LOONEY MOVES SOUTH! <3 RT @BreakingNews: Replacing $1 bills with $1 coins could save U.S. government $5.5 billion over 30 years
  • 14:13:05: Let me just state this for the record: I fucking LOVE the looney and the twoney. I miss them, and want America to have them.
  • 14:13:41: Of course, now that I've said this, the TP assholes are going to yell at me and say I'm "un-American". #yep #noshit
  • 14:22:06: FINALLY have my first piece done for @talkingaboutgames. I think burnout from the DHGF fallout is finally over.
  • 14:42:17: The live-tweet of Pixel's (Cave Story) talk at GDC by @SpaceDrakeCF (Recattear guy) is enlightening for those of us not there.
  • 14:43:25: Re-reading my latest editorial. Already wiped one paragraph, and re-writing another one. Either I'm hard on myself or I forgot how to write.
  • 15:03:10: File this one under "could have seen this coming". http://j.mp/eQUx6R
  • 15:09:21: Should have been 20. RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Report from @KatieStrangNYI is that Trevor Gillies has been suspended for 10 games by the NHL.
  • 15:25:58: Beer is for sissies. I vote for sake. RT @dmataconis: @BrainLemon I recommend beer. Lots and lots of beer
  • 15:32:25: Am I wrong for not giving a flying crap about the Sterling Opera House?
  • 15:37:00: Every time Michael Pachter talks, I feel a sense of rage. Hasn't this idiot learned anything about the history of our medium?
  • 15:37:20: The last time someone said "NIntendo is doomed", they came out with the Wii and blow everyone out of the fucking water. You stupid fuck.
  • 15:40:27: Well, the good news is that NIS is honest. The bad news is that they're blatantly admitting a hard-sell on their fans. http://bit.ly/fY2tTi
  • 15:40:51: That shit is very close to what Dragon Age does. I have missions I cannot delete sitting in my queue, until I download them. Unacceptable.
  • 15:41:09: What's worse is that this particular game is a $60 release. For such a buggy, poorly designed game? No thank you.
  • 16:21:49: Remember when Jim Carrey was the craziest celebrity on Twitter?
  • 19:22:51: I hate Google's new way of linking apps accounts SO FUCKING MUCH. Damnit, Google.
  • 20:01:40: I approve of this man's thought process. RT @DHGFMadson: @DevilOfSparda @superbus Good time to make a @gamingbus donation, no?
  • 20:08:56: Will someone convince Miyamoto that he's a fucking genius already? Jesus Christ, I'm tired of this faux sincerity shit. http://j.mp/i3MFxb
  • 20:16:15: Fenix wins. RT @burning_phoneix: @superbus You can either have him humble, or a giant douche like David Cage. Your pick.
  • 20:30:33: The Siena women beat the Fairfield women 36-33. In basketball. Not exactly one of games you show people while saying women's ball is good.
  • 20:53:44: I have the sudden urge to play Sega Swirl.
  • 20:58:18: It is startling just how bad of a player Gilbert Arenas has become. It's sad, because he's such a sincere dude. For better or worse.
  • 20:58:33: No one proves my "beautiful flaws" premise more than Agent Zero.
  • 21:03:57: RT @ElayneBoosler: Mike Huckabee: Natalie Portman a slut. Bristol Palin a role model.
  • 21:08:28: Related to this: I absolutely loved Raid on Bungeling Bay. http://j.mp/hpz9hs
  • 21:55:12: I consider myself good at reading body language, and looking at Baron Davis talking to Byron Scott, I read "shut the fuck up, asshole"
  • 21:55:50: Let's just say I don't see the number 85 going up into Cleveland's rafters.
  • 21:58:49: Minutes after I type that about Davis, I audibly go "AWWWWWWWW" as he fucking stabs my team in the gut. God damnit.
  • 22:01:20: RT @stephensonmc: @superbus Eat your words, homie.
  • 22:10:37: So the Spurs are working the Heat on the strength of... Matt Bonner? Bullshit. That score's going to normalize.
  • 22:18:59: It's ironic that in most of these NBA related commercials I've seen tonight, half the players featured have been traded.
  • 22:22:13: Dajuan Blair is showing that it's entirely possible that ACLs are overrated.

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Mar. 5th, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
The last time someone said "NIntendo is doomed", they came out with the Wii and blow everyone out of the fucking water. You stupid fuck.

But 'Bus, the Wii is just a fad! People are going to pick up and move on, leaving Nintendo to crumble behind them!

Any day now...

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