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From Twitter 03-05-2011

  • 08:38:33: I see yet another article is out confirming that the US Army is fucking with Bradley Manning specifically because they can. Nice.
  • 08:59:51: Charlie Sheen's antics and the public reaction prove one thing to me: women are still regarded as a sub-class in America.
  • 09:02:38: Won't be writing about video games today. Instead, I'm about to criticize everyone who says to move from the Valley. Time to address this.
  • 17:03:17: RT @esdin: Remember, if you're #winning, there's a blue tortoise shell with your name on it.
  • 17:40:39: I challenge anyone to defend the treatment Bradley Manning has received. I - who have said if he's convicted, he should die - can't.
  • 18:21:56: So Arianna Huffington is a bad person. Who'da thunk it. http://bit.ly/fEsqfv
  • 18:38:09: Another great piece by Owen Good. Just ignore the fact that the site sucks for two minutes. http://bit.ly/hC7ws1
  • 20:44:06: I favorited a YouTube video -- Dire Straits - Telegraph Road [COMPLETE STUDIO VERSION] http://youtu.be/dd3btVhwr48?a
  • 20:46:33: I just want to state that this might be the greatest song of all time. http://youtu.be/dd3btVhwr48 #direstraits
  • 23:02:22: I'm quite tipsy. I'm wondering if I go for another glass of wine to go full monty, or if I want ice cream. Living the dream, baby.
  • 23:10:55: Ice cream won. I wonder how this is going to mix with plum wine. I predict poorly. #livingthedream
  • 23:11:42: Bonus: alcohol makes me horny, and my fiancee is in fucking Brooklyn. 'Aint that a bitch.

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