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From Twitter 03-06-2011

  • 08:13:20: I just went from watching live Russian hockey to live Italian football. Technology fucking rocks.
  • 08:14:55: And Werder Bremen is on at 9:30? Yes, please.
  • 09:07:54: Judging from what Karzai just told Petraeus, I think the US is about to subtly remind Karzai that he's their puppet.
  • 09:39:31: People Minnesota have elected to public office: Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Michelle Bachman. Things are *different* up there. #iblamecanada
  • 09:43:17: Hearing about Bachman on Meet the Press only makes me miss Tim Russert that much more.
  • 14:00:22: I just picked up my PS3 controller and wondered why it wasn't working for five minutes. Problem: I'm playing Dreamcast.
  • 14:05:31: RT @LibraryofCT: 'if the library disappears, then we're really in trouble. A library is more than a collection of books; it's a sanctuar ...
  • 14:14:56: Y'al are gonna feel really stupid when it is shown that Charlie Sheen's been playing us for a massive payday. You realize this, right?
  • 18:06:15: You know, I'm cool with people having issues with me. But don't take your bullshit out on my fiancee, who is too nice for her own good.
  • 18:19:04: Well placed sources (read: retail managers) tell me that Pokemon Black/White is selling 3X what Gold/Silver did upon release. Interesting.
  • 20:00:48: Good news: I figured out what was blown on my power PC (PSU). Bad news: the day I do this, my 1TB external HDD died after 3 months.
  • 20:04:19: Hey @mcuban, just know you're partnering with a known woman abuser. http://es.pn/eN9xKL
  • 21:19:31: Wow. I never quite realized this before, but... Nenad Krstic sucks! I never knew!
  • 22:04:57: Well, the good news is that Star Ocean: The Last Hope (PS3) finally got a price drop, so I picked it up. Not great, but not bad.
  • 22:05:30: I tend to pick up JRPGs when they're affordable just because they have a bad habit of going up in price at inopportune times.

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