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From Twitter 03-07-2011

  • 00:38:53: Got some good playtime in with MVC3. Am I right in calling it MVC for Dummies? Maybe a little overly simplified.
  • 00:39:14: To put it in perspective, it's SO simplified that I had trouble adjusting from my MVC2 (Dreamcast) sessions earlier in the day.
  • 00:41:54: I'd take the time to get into Super Street Fighter IV, but the computer in that game cheats, I swear to God. :P
  • 00:54:58: I have to admit. I am intrigued by Homefront.
  • 08:55:40: Of course we should stay in Afghanistan, Mr. Gates. We're running out of places we can totally fuck up.
  • 09:20:50: I'm about to go swimming. Let me step outside my front door. #floodedriver #theregoesacar #glug
  • 11:11:34: Well, THAT will teach her. RT @BreakingNews: Mexican border town fires 20-year-old police chief for leaving post after reported threats - AP
  • 11:14:21: Holy shit. RT @mozactly: Indian Wells state park. http://twitpic.com/476383
  • 11:22:30: RT @jlist: It was a hit, so I'll repost it: Super Lionel Ritchie Joke Poster http://twitpic.com/46o84l
  • 14:06:29: Studio friendly. Right, Sony. Wasn't this around the time you were forcing 3D and nixing anything remotely niche? http://bit.ly/hrEywW
  • 16:07:11: My mother says that I am "anal" about how I prepare my lunch. My RAMEN. I'd hate to see her thoughts on my chicken parmesean!
  • 16:07:31: Of course, I responded the only way a filial man can: "you think I'm anal? You haven't seen Aileen cook!" #RUNS
  • 16:14:48: NOW can we fry him? RT @BreakingNews: Natalee Holloway suspect to plead guilty by reason of temporary insanity in Peru killing
  • 16:23:05: I wish people like John Ensign and Chris Dodd would just be honest. "I'm not running again because I'm a coward."
  • 17:50:27: RT @ChrisVillani44: Breaking news bigger then the Charlie Sheen debacle, sources told me if there is a one-game Ivy League playoffs it w ...
  • 17:50:55: Wait... it'll be at YALE!? CAMPING OUT. I AM CAMPING OUT.
  • 22:17:03: Congratulations to St. Peters for winning the #MAAC. Enjoy the play-in game.
  • 22:25:52: Dear general public: we get oil from Arab countries, who tend lately to be unstable. When that happens, prices go up. Sorry! #dealwithit
  • 22:26:32: If you hate it that much, then speak with your wallet. Make these corporations you hate so much invest in alternative fuel sources.
  • 22:27:06: But recommending a dip into the strategic supply is absolutely daft. Not only an overreaction, but one that won't affect prices. Whoopsie!
  • 22:29:53: In honour of #bootyappreciationday, I have to announce that my 5' tall Chinese fiancee has a surprisingly supple booty. #bejealous
  • 22:52:02: So I guess conservative ideas of "hard cuts" are just to cut things liberals hate, like NPR and PBS. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • 22:52:38: I'm not even against it in the sense that we need to cut back everywhere. But it's patently obvious what the GOP is doing.
  • 23:15:37: RT @burning_phoneix: "Libya fighting resembles Civil War" ......No Al Jazeera, THIS IS A CIVIL WAR YOU DOLTS!
  • 23:37:14: I'm honestly not sure where I sit on the death penalty. On the one hand, it's better than life in prison. On the other, what if we're wrong?
  • 23:37:59: I've heard multiple cases of people being exonerated by new evidence after the execution. One time is two too many. Multiple? Sorry.

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