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From Twitter 03-08-2011

  • 00:09:29: RT @gorrie: See. This is what I don't get about social network games. http://yfrog.com/h0twmup
  • 01:03:35: This Stars vs. Kings game was an awesome random game to watch. Just great hockey all around.
  • 01:12:47: I'm having a surprising problem finding the details on cuts to PBS/NPR. Does someone have a good link I can use? Liberals?
  • 01:16:37: Jerry Stackhouse criticized Dwight Howard for poor judgement re: techs? Funny. Didn't he get suspended during the NBA FINALS?
  • 01:17:52: Also, colour me unimpressed by the Knicks' win. They beat the Jazz! Oh boy! News flash: the Jazz suck.
  • 01:26:26: When I watch DeMarcus Cousins play, I think of a young Derrick Coleman. Take from that what you will.
  • 10:17:21: RT @CMDeB: Sharron Angle, you couldn't beat Reid in a GOP year. You can't beat anyone.
  • 10:19:59: Dear STRIPES: Fucking pay me already so I can pick up MLB The Show. (And a gift for AiAi's birthday).
  • 10:22:05: So the closest place to find the game that I'm thinking of for Ai is in... fucking Waterbury!? Damnit!
  • 10:28:02: How are the movies from Dynasty Warriors 5 NOT online!? Internet! You have failed me!!!
  • 10:34:45: OK, it IS up. Yay internet! This is the raddest DW scene ever. http://youtu.be/7fkKzffHlcU
  • 10:42:45: If you're from the Valley and you don't read @ValleyIndy... get off your ass. Their flood coverage has been outstanding.
  • 10:44:39: Wait, what? Lupe's new album drops today, And Cunninlynguists drops next week? Finally, a good month for hip hop!
  • 10:45:38: Though what's this? Two and a half for Lasers from @HipHopDX, AND Lupe's already backing off of it? Uh oh. http://bit.ly/ig1qUs
  • 10:53:02: The situation regarding the Coyotes/Jets is like water torture. We know it's not happening. The NHL will never allow another Canadian team.
  • 11:26:57: Aaaand Dragon Age is trending. Oh right, that came out today. Which reminds me, I have to beat Dragon Age Origins. #seewhatididthere #wub
  • 12:12:17: RT @dmataconis: Another Presidential candidate saying you can't be a fiscal conservative unless you're a social conservative? Sorry, I'l ...
  • 12:23:30: I no longer have a site to put it up on, but here's my Alice impressions now that embargo is passed: meh gameplay, but fans will fall for it
  • 12:36:12: Favourite story from my last event: me asking an EA person "so what ARE you willing to talk about?" and getting incredulous looks from press
  • 12:36:43: Guys. It's your job to press people for information. This is a two way street. "No comment, no comment, soon" should NOT cut it.
  • 12:37:21: Don't give me a dirty look because I dared to challenge a PR drone for only telling me that their game was awesome, as if I am unclean.
  • 16:39:51: Judging by the press release: if you hated Record of Agarest War, you will LOATHE Agarest Zero.
  • 18:13:43: The dueling vitriol coming from @twelveicings' twitter and @edropple on AIM for opposite teams means tonight's Bruins/Habs game will RULE.
  • 18:15:49: RT @dmataconis: RT @daveweigel: Note: If you cheered the Koch/Walker prank but denounce the Veritas/NPR prank, or vice versa, you are ri ...
  • 18:17:35: RT @WithinRafael: Check out these ASUS EEE Slate reviews... even tho the device isn't out. Fake reviews coming from ASUS/MSFT? http://am ...
  • 19:10:57: So I'm NOT the only person who Twitter has decided shouldn't be following who I follow! Interesting!
  • 20:28:06: See, shit like this is why the Gawker network is shit. http://bit.ly/hpZwfM
  • 21:13:01: Anyone local have a score for the Fairfield #cthk game?
  • 21:35:32: 51 edits? Either I've never been edited properly in my career, or I really am not very good.
  • 21:56:00: If the edits to my piece tell me one thing, it's this: I am DEFINITELY hiring a full-time editor for @gamingbus.
  • 22:16:39: This post by @DaleNorth makes me wonder if Nintendo's "social" additions to the 3DS were a trojan horse. http://j.mp/gJdyvQ
  • 22:27:04: RT @Pres_Bartlet: This Fat Tuesday, instead of throwing beads to the crowd, how about you give food and clothing to the poor?
  • 22:30:04: Canada's Subway commercials are fucking weird. Especially when they say "professional stuntman. Do not attempt" for a CGI monkey.
  • 22:32:39: Upon further review, I think I'm letting my ego get to me a bit. "This seemed rushed" - definitely. Not my best work. Honest crit! Holy shit
  • 22:33:23: RT @MikatheStripper: So if I stand on a street corner, look slutty, try to strike up conversations with men, and offer to have sex for f ...
  • 22:50:00: Since I'm a PlayStation Plus member, I think I'm obligated to download and try the Mortal Kombat demo.
  • 22:52:36: OK, can someone (@operationsports, maybe?) define what "Advanced Stats" are in MLB The Show, and why this DLC pack costs $.99?
  • 22:53:32: I'm also worried about the downloadable injury cure for RTTS players. I was never injured last year. Is this going to become *an issue*?
  • 22:57:11: Wow, lots of PSX games today. Let's see... shitty Disney game, shitty Disney game, shitty Disney ga-- Ridge Racer R4! Oh shit!
  • 23:27:15: OK, is every highlight regarding the Miami Heat going to have a forced reference to tears or crying? C'mon now.
  • 23:32:52: RT @kelly_carlin: No Mardi Gras here, so I just showed my tits to the Chinese food delivery man. #CrossCultureTraining #HopeHeLIkedHisTip

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Mar. 9th, 2011 09:01 am (UTC)
If you do try the MK demo, I want to hear what you think. I haven't touched an MK game since the SNES era, but what I've seen of the new one looks...surprisingly good.
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