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From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 00:24:57: Wow. I don't know if this is ignorant or just a reality of the business. "Good is the new bad." Holy shit. http://bit.ly/dU97df
  • 00:29:34: Holy shit, did I just find I was thrown under the bus. Fucking A, what cowardly horseshit.
  • 00:32:30: I don't know what's worse: being publicly dissed for not writing a vote up, or the fact that *I still wanted to write the fucking thing*
  • 00:44:10: "Just Dance and Dance Central are selling... QUICK! SHIT OUT A DANCE GAME!!!" http://j.mp/dHgPfn
  • 01:18:43: Personally, I'm getting a little tired of watching liberal oragnizations being targeted in deceitful "stings". I guess NPR's the new ACORN.
  • 01:19:34: The NPR CEO had to go. To me, this is without a doubt. But caution yourselves before saying "DEFUND! KILL THEM!" Learn from ACORN.
  • 07:41:41: The lesson we learned: elections have consequences. #wisenate
  • 08:45:48: Right after buying HuffPo, AOL conducts layoffs. It's the AOL Way!
  • 08:48:46: Apparently, The AOL Way is to have *everyone* work for free.
  • 09:54:13: Police in Montreal are "investigating" te Chara hit? Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke.
  • 16:07:02: I notice most of the people who are cheering Gov. Walker in Wisconsin are non-union people who want everyone to be as miserable as them.
  • 16:13:48: So Hamden vs. West Haven is at Bennett Rink in West Haven. Well, looks like I'm not gonig, there's no way I'm getting in. #cthk
  • 16:17:38: Had a bit of a GET award today, including Aileen's birthday present. Too bad I'm scared shitless to write about it.
  • 17:05:55: I can kinda, sorta accept the logic for having Zdeno Chara suspended. But if you think he should be charged with a crime, you are stupid.
  • 17:06:25: RT @GinoRedaTSN: Great news! Max Pacioretti has been released from hospital.
  • 17:09:58: I wonder if my Dragon Age Origins (brother's game) save will work with my Ultimate Edition disc. Guess I'll find out.
  • 17:13:14: Wait! Never mind! I have to do the Firmware Update bullshit first!
  • 17:26:52: OK, if this update fucked up my PS3 I'm going to be very, very angry at Sony.
  • 17:32:32: Congratulations, @SonyPlaystation. You just bricked my system.
  • 17:48:25: Shit, now I have Parappa The Rapper songs in my head. #igottabelieve
  • 17:50:04: OK! Got my PS3 back up! It required an IT reboot (pulled the fucking plug), but it's up and running.
  • 17:52:21: Note to Sony: I will never pay $40 for a digital PSP game. Ever, ever, ever. Bring it down to $30 for digital, or no sale.
  • 18:00:04: Oooh, Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero is $10? *YOINK*
  • 18:23:22: Initial thoughts on Mortal Kombat demo: If you wanted a reboot, you got one.
  • 18:35:17: Initial impressions of Dragon Age II demo: Well, it's... different. Not 100% sure where I stand, but it's definitely a hack-and-slash.
  • 19:22:19: The more I play the Dragon Age 2 demo, the more I like it. It's the same game, just requires more skill.
  • 19:31:41: I think @operationsports might have finally found the perfect balance between timely reviews and the depth needed for proper sports reviews.
  • 22:18:24: Hey Sony, you could have had another $7.50 if you would let me gift a copy of Castle Crashers. But nope, Amazon wants full price. Alas!
  • 22:21:15: Despite that I've been rough on Sony today, it should be noted that I'm a PlayStation Plus subscriber, yet not on Xbox Live Gold.
  • 22:26:37: Bad news: MLB.tv is $120. Good news: MLB.tv is $120, AND works on my iPhone, computer and PlayStation 3. THink I'm plunging this year.
  • 22:27:35: Oh, the Knicks are on TNT! And they're playing... Dallas. They're a good team. Uh oh. This won't be pretty.
  • 22:28:54: For what it's worth, I really hate these Spanglish NBA jerseys.
  • 22:46:54: Also, I had to pay $150 for an eye exam today. I *could not* get glasses without it. By law. What a stupid law.
  • 22:51:18: OK, I'm officially tired of Brian Wilson.
  • 22:57:00: 72 points given up in the first half. This is a disgrace. This is a fucking disgrace. Fucking hell. Fuck, fuck, fuck. #knicks
  • 23:25:12: This is the greatest rendition of the national anthem ever. Even if it inspired everyone else to fuck it up. http://youtu.be/QRvVzaQ6i8A
  • 23:29:37: This wine is probably too expensive for me to be drinking three glasses in a night. But it's starting to hit now. :D
  • 23:39:59: Reading the manga Suzuka. It reads like a manga form of Tokimeki Check-In. No, this is not a compliment.

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Mar. 11th, 2011 02:20 pm (UTC)
Hmm. I cannot argue against Marvin Gaye doing a great job on the anthem, since he is the man, but give me Jimi Hendrix for what I consider the best version.

IIRC, Suzuka remains unfinished in the U.S. due to the standard publisher failure.
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