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From Twitter 03-11-2011

  • 00:00:06: RT @StephenAtHome: Scott Walker took down the unions! Wisconsin's budget problem is fixed! Now on to the part of the deficit caused by g ...
  • 00:09:14: Got the chance to try Gran Turismo 5 for the first time earlier. I... ugh... it's not good. Shift and Forza are better games. :(
  • 00:13:11: Uh oh. I sense an intervention coming. RT @JVB: Our hotel is next to a Best Buy. Bad news for @soldierx
  • 13:18:46: RT @alisaan: Retweet if you learned about the earthquake over Twitter and not via traditional media. #tsunami
  • 13:48:09: Talk about #firstworldproblems RT @jahloo Tsunami warning in san francisco.. Guess I wont be running at the beach today
  • 14:59:33: I spent well over $100 on games yesterday. So why can't I put Tiny Wings ($1) down?
  • 15:02:44: Well, there goes Dragon Age II for the PC. http://bit.ly/hfP8Jq
  • 15:27:28: #ITSATRAP RT @Reuters: The Libyan government is offering an amnesty to rebels who lay down their weapons, re: state-run TV.
  • 16:10:04: RT @pattonoswalt: Al Jazeera's covering tsunami like professionals, has informed anchors, and probably thinks Charlie Sheen is a floorwax.
  • 16:20:53: I wish to thank my 360 for crashing on me BEFORE I dropped money for Microsoft Points. I'll miss Guwange and KoF Sky Shot, but thanks!
  • 16:35:31: Good news: there's a decent little sale on Gold membership that netted me Fable III. That's not bad, and I need Gold to do my job, so...
  • 17:05:26: The bad news is that Microsoft doesn't even have a web form to cancel rebills. you HAVE to call and get a hard sale. >:[
  • 18:01:53: Replaying Dynasty Warriors 6 for the first time in almost two years. My goodness, I forgot how broken Sun Shang Xiang was. She's a cheat.
  • 18:55:07: RT @JimSterling: Oh, if you tried to suggest Japan "deserved" what happened to it, or it came from your God's "retribution", you are an ...
  • 18:55:34: That's two tweets I saw saying this earthquake wasn't, indeed, God saying "fuck you, Japan". OK, who said what?
  • 22:03:59: Even five years after leaving, I still care. RT @StamfordSports: Max walker scores with 1:36 left in overtime Trumbull 5, Westhill 4 #cthk
  • 23:43:04: Going through my ancient, barely used Yahoo account is fun, though it's obvious where my mind was from '04 - '06. LOTS of CCBill emails...
  • 23:45:26: Honestly? I could care less if the NFL locks out. Go ahead! I'll just continue to watch the (infinitely more fun to watch) CFL.
  • 23:58:16: I don't care if it's the console version. For $35, I got a shitload of content with that Dragon Age set. It's on clearance at Target.

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Mar. 12th, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
Not sure how much you care, but apparently it's not really SecuROM.
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