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From Twitter 03-15-2011

  • 00:03:44: The sun will rise. People will die. And Sami Salo will be injured.
  • 02:20:08: Does it make me a faggot liberal to say that what's happening in Japan is exactly why I am not a proponent of nuclear power?
  • 02:20:41: And before anyone says anything, I lived on a nuclear-class aircraft carrier for four years. But this wasn't human error.
  • 02:33:37: Hey, can somone in Canada like @twelveicings download this report for me? You'll see why I ask. http://bit.ly/hPRz9i
  • 02:35:31: Whoops! Nevermind. I was able to download it from Scribd. Still, it's a dumb way to make a point.
  • 02:55:48: I really like the job that Brad Rice of @DToid did in driving through the truck-sized holes in Homefront's plot. http://j.mp/gKPFV0
  • 02:57:35: Since people keep telling me I can jailbreak my phone and still connect to/download from the iTunes store... I think it's time.
  • 02:57:56: (What's stopped me in the past: I review iPhone games. If my iPhone ends up bricked or blacklisted, I have problems)
  • 09:50:08: RT @jamiedeloma: It's official: Journalism is dead. rt @HuffPostMedia MEOW: New York Times solicits cat videos http://huff.to/eWbs49 [IC ...
  • 09:56:48: Seymour's almost $30m budget is listed as "underfunding" students. But Derby's $18m with a new middle school is fine. No, it's not.
  • 10:36:04: Golly, Dragon Age II is getting a lot of negative press.
  • 10:43:55: Connecticut STILL doesn't allow Sunday liquor sales!? When did we become the Bible Belt!?
  • 10:44:40: DAII's astroturf controversy reminds us of one thing: if companies could, they would destroy the gaming press. Every company, no exceptions.
  • 10:45:24: Why have objective people reporting on your industry when you can replace them with 100 giggling idiots and some low-level employees?
  • 10:45:50: I'm seriously considering a policy for @gamingbus: no signed NDAs. I wonder what everyone else thinks about this.
  • 12:46:15: Sorry, but Gilbert Gottfried is a comedian. He makes fun of things, even "sensitive" things. You can't pick and choose, guys.
  • 15:11:36: RT @SPBowley: Feds bust steroids ring in Greater Danbury, say it sold to student-athletes. Dont need to say how bad this is or going to ...
  • 15:18:07: Anytime you hear a player in one of Europe's top teams bitching about awful treatment, consider this Russian player. http://j.mp/fFfMCL
  • 17:31:11: RT @DevilOfSparda: With all the talk about Homefront, did we forget that Okamiden is out today too? Who's getting it? I totally missed o ...
  • 17:35:03: EA just admitted that their guys are astroturfing reviews. http://bit.ly/ffegbv
  • 18:08:07: Full house at Derby Middle School for the BOE budget meeting! There might be hope yet!
  • 18:49:16: Figures. @valleyindy is a lefty. :P
  • 19:44:15: RT @dmataconis: Situation in Japan appears to be going from "Holy Shit" to "Holy Fucking Shit"
  • 19:46:37: So, uh... where was Dan Foley (ex Derby teacher, candidate for Mayor of Derby) tonight?
  • 20:14:20: Got to make a good speech at the BOE meeting. Got to meet @valleyindy. Got to talk to the board. This is progress, folks. #derbyct
  • 20:14:32: RT @ValleyIndy: Finally got to meet @superbus in the flesh!
  • 20:34:17: Wow, it's not like I have people constantly clamouring for me to be unemplo-- oh, wait, I do. http://j.mp/dRNgTs
  • 20:45:10: Lesson for the day: never, EVER use a good work computer to fix a friend's broke dick PC. Youtube is broken. http://yfrog.com/h4qtnzjj
  • 20:53:35: In my 8th grade class picture, I was rocking a Grant Hill Pistons jersey. Sixteen years later, *he's still freaking playing*.
  • 21:19:21: RT @ToneLoaf: Lady at work: "Awful about China." I replied "Japan." And she actually said "same thing." Her name's "Deb," but now it's " ...
  • 22:16:01: Made the local paper, this time NOT as a writer! Can't wait for my fellow libs to yell at my for my position. http://bit.ly/eY3JCX
  • 23:05:02: 11-5-0. @edropple (To be fair, he got kinda fucked)
  • 23:16:04: Against everyone who isn't @edropple, I'm 8-1. Counting him, I'm 23-6-0. Could I be the most underrated NHL '11 player in the world?
  • 23:40:54: RT @kmpataky: Last year in DIII, Windsor-East Granby was 1-17 and Staples-Weston was 3-16-1. This year each added players from CoOps tha ...

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