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From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 00:35:30: Sweet! I needed a reminder as to how batshit crazy Richard Stallman was. http://bit.ly/dLdMdA
  • 13:26:43: Yeouch! @DHGFMadson got it done regarding the latest Nomura disaster, Dissidia 012 Prologus Pretentiotus http://j.mp/dPrR2A
  • 13:30:11: One of the first CDs I bought with my own money! RT @CMDeB: No song reminds me of middle school like Counting Crows' "Round Here."
  • 14:05:21: One thing MLB The Show *HAS* to start doing right: accurate contracts. It's not accurate to have Oiile Perez at $500K. Period.
  • 14:13:11: Damnit. Another dumb prediction by Pachter. Madden sales will be fine. Trust me. http://bit.ly/frisIU
  • 14:18:07: The only way Madden's sales will see a drop is if there's a season long lockout because it will take out the late buyers before the S. Bowl.
  • 14:18:20: Even then, it will equate, overall, to maybe 15% - 20% overall. Maybe.
  • 14:19:54: Even I had to vote for Walmart here. Gamestop sucks, but hasn't had a class action for sex discrimination (yet). http://bit.ly/igXyrx
  • 16:13:07: So new characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are 1) not unlockable and 2) $5 EACH? nothankyou.jpg
  • 16:15:45: Also. Sony. You do not prominently advertise a dynamic online component, then charge for it. God damnit. #mlbtheshow
  • 22:41:38: Good on 'ya, St. Josephs, for making the #cthk D1 finals! Bad news: you still have no defence, and you're playing Prep. Enjoy the ride.
  • 23:59:48: #hachiko RT @YahooNews: Today's Most Shared: Dog in #Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble: http://yhoo.it/dOlluf

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