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From Twitter 03-17-2011

  • 00:11:23: Every time I hear about @JessFink's art theft issues, I think of similar issues @hatsuyuki has campaigned against. http://bit.ly/eJyLLq
  • 01:54:39: ... OK. How did my external become infested with /bin and /var folders? Why is it looking like a Linux system? The fuck?
  • 01:55:35: THis is notable because this particular drive is my media drive. All of my anime, magazines, strategy guide scans, music, EVERYTHING.
  • 13:45:36: "How's my partner for Saturday?" "He's a nice guy." "OK, but how's his skating?" "... He's a nice guy." Uh oh.
  • 13:57:37: This is as good a time to ask as any: What the fuck is Morehead State?
  • 14:38:20: Tactics Ogre for $28... not yet. I think that one's going down to $20 in three months. Squeenix games have very high print runs lately.
  • 15:00:25: OK! So Morehead State, with their big win, just took out one of my Final Four teams. Whoops. Oh well.
  • 15:01:23: Scratch that: I lost the team that I had to make the championship. Bracket's not BUSTED, but it's in the ER.
  • 16:05:05: Do you like dogs? Then this story about Derby's PD will make you angry. Another top notch report from @mozactly. http://bit.ly/g1o4lF
  • 16:06:16: You know what's sad? I didn't even think of the sexual connotations to Morehead State. That's on YOU fuckers. Not me. I'm pure.
  • 16:41:14: RT @mozactly: @superbus with tons of help from @valleyindy. Few things in this office happen alone.
  • 18:03:02: Wow. Shooting immigrants like wild pigs. This is low, even for a bible belt GOPer. http://bit.ly/i74ao0
  • 18:03:40: "I'm just talking like a Southeast Kansas person". Then Southeast Kansas people are stupid. Way to represent, dawg.
  • 18:06:15: RT @dmataconis: Here's a novel idea let the Brits and French take this one, we'll sit it out and take a rest for the first time in 90 years.
  • 18:08:20: Hey Peter Molyneux. It's hard to say you're keeping games journalists awake when most of us tend to ignore your bullshit. http://j.mp/h7Pjq6
  • 18:17:01: Holy shit. RT @mozactly: Photo from tony Spinelli at the scene of a crash on Rt 67 in oxford. http://twitpic.com/4agv63
  • 18:18:43: Why is the Pepsi Center so empty in Denver? Can no one handle the Jimmer?
  • 18:26:22: You know what the Libyan government needs? Baghdad Bob.
  • 18:33:32: This just in: the UN doesn't know that tanks don't fly.
  • 18:34:49: Jimmer - AKA The Great White Hope - looks strong to start. I still don't know who he'll guard in the NBA, though.
  • 19:20:24: RT @MileHighBecky: I can't be the only liberal who thinks Arianna Huffington is far worse for labor than Scott Walker. At least he pays ...
  • 19:26:25: OH SHIT, SON. IT'S ON NOW. RT @BreakingNews: Canada to send 6 fighter jets to Libya to help enforce no-fly zone - CTV http://bit.ly/g9yHsM
  • 19:34:39: RT @warbiany: At BYU, is picking up your third foul, less than a minute into the second half, an honor code violation? #mm #ncaa
  • 19:47:16: I keep thinking about going into the Dew Drop Inn, but I still have this problem associating it with its old history. It was a BAD biker bar
  • 21:18:07: Just once in my lifetime, I want to see an NCAA basketball game with both Dickl Vitale and Bill Raftery doing commentary. Talk about absurd.
  • 21:32:21: After a great dinner at Karaku... I'm STILL hungry. I'll be 31 in May, yet I'm about to tear into some Crunch Berries at 10:30.
  • 22:38:43: RT @jmproffitt: It Took The NY Times 14 Months And $40 Million Dollars To Build The World's Stupidest Paywall? http://j.mp/epXp8r
  • 23:20:57: For St. Patty's Day, I went and ate at a Japanese restaurant. TAKE THAT IRELAND!
  • 23:39:49: Is America about to fight a three front war across two continents? Seriously? Are you serious? Somewhere, Sun Tzu is cringing.
  • 23:51:00: Agreed. Just let me play the game. RT @kstar1785: I don't like when games give you a letter grade - don't insult me by rating my skill.
  • 23:55:47: Hey GOP. If you're going to defund PBS/NPR, be honest. Say it's because you hate liberals, not because you're worried about .000001% of bud.

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Mar. 18th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
I IRONICALLY wore a flag with a Union Jack on it, while a green Dropkick Murphys t-shirt hung in my closet. Definitely one upped you.
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