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From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • 00:29:01: I think it's time to consider an iPhone 4. I just had stuttering issues with Tiny Wings. That's a problem.
  • 00:55:39: For those panicking about NPR/PBS: Relax. It stands little chance in the senate, and virtually none with the President.
  • 02:13:15: You know what? Let's not call our warmongers "Neo-cons". Let's call them what they are: Imperialists.
  • 14:18:56: Glenn Beck: "The Earthquake is a sign of God's wrath. With that said, I think hyperbole is wrong."
  • 14:56:09: OF course XBox Live is too small for Zynga. You can't run analytics on Live to better abuse your whales. http://bit.ly/gCZTYx
  • 14:58:07: Careful, Reggie. Pride goes before the fall. http://bit.ly/dFRDT8
  • 15:06:01: Why is everyone hating on the Wonder Woman costume? She just traded a skirt for hot pants. It's still hot. #buyingoneforaileen
  • 15:08:23: I wish I was a comic book nerd. Then, I could do things like scream "THEY MADE THE BOOTS BLUE INSTEAD OF RED!!!! RAGE! RAAAAAGE!!!!"
  • 15:10:23: In terms of Libya, I think Obama successfully pulled a Zhou Yu on the world scene. He forced everyone to play their hand first.
  • 15:17:44: It's disappointing that a developer as good as @mdoucette hasn't done well enough on XBLIG to stay on it. http://bit.ly/eXuskd
  • 15:19:46: With that said, XBLIG is failing because of Microsoft. They had three months to make a positive impression, and they failed spectacularly.
  • 15:20:35: Instead of pushing the service, they relegated it to Microsoft's ghetto. Why push indie games when Sega is releasing shitty retro ports?
  • 15:31:43: Look, if I had a company I was following on Twitter show up at my house, I would unfollow them *that minute* @crunchiscalling
  • 15:43:21: Tennessee lost by how much last night? Uh, hope your resume is updated, Bruce Pearl.
  • 15:43:45: Because as much as recruiting violations suck, and as bad as they are, losing in the first round by 30 to Michigan is much, much worse.
  • 16:36:58: Well, at least Texas San-Antonio hung in there for 10 minutes...
  • 16:39:36: It's nice to see criticisms about David Cage come from someone other than @JimSterling. Good on Jon Holmes. http://j.mp/eQkVrM
  • 16:41:36: "We're not trying to destroy used sales. We're just trying to seriously hurt it." http://j.mp/e9qtIl
  • 16:44:46: OK, Rovio. You've officially gone over the line. http://bit.ly/eJpBdJ
  • 17:02:42: Bad Level-5. Bad! I don't WANT to be catered to! http://bit.ly/gz4S1h
  • 17:05:16: FINALLY. Jesus Christ. RT @arstechnica: ICANN approves .XXX red-light district for the Internet: http://arst.ch/on1 by @ejacqui
  • 17:07:05: Before anyone bitches: this isn't about free speech. It's about the sites that don't play by the rules. As a network admin, this is good.
  • 17:18:29: "Bernie Madoff is in jail, so let me try to steal some money by attacking an unsympathetic business" http://es.pn/fEkPTv
  • 18:31:50: LIU is getting worked early by UNC, and St. Petes doesn't look good against Purdue. Not a good start for east coast mid-majors.
  • 18:32:25: But wait, what's this? Is there a 16 seed upset potentially brewing on TBS? BU down 2 to KU, yes, there is!
  • 18:37:48: OK, I have to ask... who the fuck is Rebecca Black?
  • 18:43:33: Well, I found out who Rebecca Black is, making me officially the last person to know. For anyone else: http://youtu.be/CD2LRROpph0 NSFEars
  • 18:44:33: I don't get what's *so* bad about the song. It's no more vapie than any other pop song I've heard. And she's... 13? You fucking assholes!
  • 18:45:04: If I had my developmental mistakes from when I was 13 put up on Youtube and derided by the entire world, I'd be a damn wreck, too!
  • 18:47:49: I mean, yes. It's an atrocious song. But this 13 year old is about as "good" as other "professionals" with songs on the top 40.
  • 19:33:21: St. Peters getting worked by Purdue. This is where I have to be a dick and say "Fairfield would do better".
  • 19:34:27: I have a sudden desire to watch old Smurfs episodes. I blame @52stations and @kweenie.
  • 19:37:58: BU: Down 2 at the half, down 22 w/ 2:45 left. Sometimes, it's just about talent and length.
  • 19:42:40: Hey! I thought getting favourable calls by the refs was solely Duke's domain! UNC's encroaching!
  • 19:43:51: Marquette destroying Xavier at the half. In case anyone forgot, the Big East is *REALLY* good.
  • 20:43:37: OK, things are so bad with my browsers now that I have to use IE to watch Youtube videos. Time for a reformat.
  • 20:43:54: But let's see if I can get through a reformat without fucking it up first. I have computer shit blowing up left and right on me.
  • 21:02:40: RT @dmataconis: CNN Sending 400 People To Cover Royal Wedding, 50 To Japan http://bit.ly/fNffR0
  • 21:20:58: Indiana State about to play Syracuse on TruTV. Prepare for @spbowley to be completely insufferable for the next couple hours. :D
  • 21:31:57: RT @oldgamereviewer: March Madness thoughts: Tired of seeing the Cameron Crazies. All fans are passionate. Duke is just on TV all the ti ...
  • 21:33:43: So, uh, which Baldwin was that in the Capital One commercial again?
  • 21:53:59: Hey! Maybe these tiny little schools just don't have the size to compete with an elite team from the Big East. Who'da thunk it.
  • 22:23:13: As spunky as Indiana State has been, this game is effectively over. It's time to turn to MLB The Show.
  • 22:53:28: Just saw that GameCrush now has a PS+ like subscription service. Wow. And people are supposed to see this as a legitimate business?
  • 22:54:39: It takes balls to have webcam site-like business models, then claim you're not a webcam site. Yeeech.
  • 23:02:33: Having a 250GB HDD sounds impressive until you realize that virtually every single game requires an install nowadays. #mvc3
  • 23:51:00: How not to be a trophy whore: be me. @DevilOfSparda and @dekunda have almost caught me, and they play like 5 games between them. XD

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Mar. 19th, 2011 08:15 am (UTC)
...how have I almost caught you when I have ONLY PLAYED ONE PS3 GAME TO DATE. XD
Mar. 19th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Her music speaks to me because I also consistently have difficulty deciding which seat to take.
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