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From Twitter 03-19-2011

  • 00:20:26: Ah, yes... definitely getting a sniff of Mortal Kombat Syndrome from the later fights in MVC3. #aircombosallday
  • 00:30:32: I'm also sensing a lot of characters with very goofy play styles. What the fuck am I supposed to do with She-Hulk and Viewtiful Joe?
  • 00:39:45: SInce this was a topic earlier: I think my "team" is essentially Ryu, Amataresu and Spiderman. I'm pretty old school, Amu notwithstanding.
  • 00:42:56: Since it's the 19th, where we live, a very special happy birthday to @DHGFAileen. I love you, soulmate. <3
  • 09:57:38: Reports are that Staples-Shelton-Weston didn't bring much of a crowd. Of course not. No one gives a crap about three team co-ops. #cthk
  • 09:59:02: I understand the fiscal reality of the situation, but neither of these teams was worth a damn without the other. Sorry. #cthk
  • 10:33:29: OK, this is hilarious: Olivia Munn got absolutely blasted on the Today show, and they *kept giving her alcohol* http://aol.it/gq5J7M
  • 10:38:10: Since it appears to be over: congrats to Watertown-Pomperaug for their state title. I know most of those kids from midgets, good kids. #cthk
  • 18:58:47: So, what have I learned today? First off, St. Joseph's is what we thought they were. Firewagon hockey with no defence. Expected result #cthk
  • 18:59:12: Also, we've learned that we're still imperialistic dogs who love fucking with other peoples' countries because we can. #libya
  • 19:01:59: One more thing about St. Joes: Let's not discredit what they've done. In 3 years, D3 Win, D2 final, D1 final. Very impressive. #cthk
  • 19:09:43: "You do not follow Matthew Doucette." What the FUCK, Twitter. #neverunfollowed
  • 19:24:38: RT @tavissmiley: This is the problem with prematurely giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a war president. Let's pray for peace.
  • 19:55:18: Ah, shit. My haircutting place - and some longtime friends - was just affected by a massive fire in Black Rock. http://bit.ly/fbwA5U
  • 20:21:56: Consistency. These officials in the Butler vs. Pitt game are showing consistency. Have to admire it.
  • 20:44:28: This is who he is, Knicks fans... http://es.pn/hAQece #melo
  • 22:51:23: This might be the most parasitic bullshit I've seen in writing. Holy shit. Check the terms of service for this site. http://bit.ly/cD5riQ
  • 23:00:44: I'm tired of being told to pray for Japan. Tell me where to send the fucking money. Tell me who to support.
  • 23:11:10: So let's see how my bracket looks now... my, that's a lot of red. Two of my final four teams is gone.
  • 23:13:45: RT @keithlaw: "We want a white wine but we don't want anything too dry." If I was that waiter I'd bring them a two-liter of Sprite

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