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From Twitter 03-20-2011

  • 00:15:00: I catch shit for syaing this, but it has to be said: Jimmer Fredette is just Adam Morrison with better shot creation.
  • 00:44:33: Just watched Danica Patrick highlights. Hey lady, you were two laps down. Shut the fuck up.
  • 01:25:51: Aksys is having a sale with 100% of proceeds going to Earthquake relief. Definitely check out the Darksmiles set. http://bit.ly/dQSXvE
  • 01:33:34: "Hey, Blazing Souls Accelerate looks fun. I think I'll give that a tr-- oh. Idea Factory. Oh well, so much for that."
  • 03:06:43: What the FUCK?RT @HipHopDX: Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti, Recovering http://bit.ly/hyGy5e
  • 03:16:40: Looks like we're going to find out how serious the US is about "democracy" now. RT @BreakingNews: Dozens o… (cont) http://deck.ly/~Slmak
  • 03:19:52: Two things: 1) Americans will see how draconian our Saudi allies can be, and 2) bet you see America turn a blind eye to it this time.
  • 03:48:01: We spent $63m firing missiles into someone else's country yesterday. That's 5+ years of NPR/PBS funding. Just saying.
  • 14:22:04: AT&T Bought out T-Mobile? Oh great, that's gonna help competition in the US...
  • 14:23:52: OK, what did Matt Cooke do this time?
  • 14:37:00: America's take: "Remember, it's only censorship if it's our enemies. Now, about taking down Wikileaks..." http://bit.ly/i1Ebhd
  • 14:39:47: EA's ditching printed manuals? Wow, that makes... no difference. Their manuals sucked for years. http://j.mp/efCBNO
  • 14:40:27: My thoughts on Libya/Iraq exactly. RT @dmataconis: @superbus It's Colin Powell's Pottery Barn Rule: You break it, you bought it.
  • 15:14:35: The Metascore for Ys Chronicles is 63. Some of you guys don't get what Ys Chronicles is supposed to be.
  • 15:15:31: I wonder: should CT high school sports have a seeding system like the NCAA does? Would avoid Hamden vs. Prep in Rd. 2. @spbowley
  • 16:35:06: What, did they "dissuade" all the dissenters? RT @Reuters: FLASH: Obama advisers unanimously support approach in Libya
  • 19:20:06: Hey, anyone notice we haven't heard anything from Mario Lemieux regarding the Cooke elbow?
  • 21:12:09: Syracuse lost? The Big East sucks! How could they lose to... Marquette? The Big East is amazing!

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Mar. 21st, 2011 10:58 am (UTC)
:-( Idea Factory. For Samuraiter only.
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