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From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 01:51:37: Playing MLB '11 The Show. Ty Wigginton is at shortstop for the Rockies. OK... what the fuck?
  • 02:06:30: Found a bug with MLB The SHow: if you try to do a warm-up swing and can't, a pitchout's coming.
  • 03:46:06: RT @MikatheStripper: At least the Japanese are willing to check the radiation levels and admit that they may not be safe. If it happened ...
  • 13:15:51: Related: 7 in 10 Americans are stupid. RT @BreakingNews: CNN poll: 7 in 10 Americans support... a no-fly zone in Libya http://bit.ly/f70Awf
  • 13:16:36: I sometimes wonder just how ignorant Americans really are... HEY LOOK AT THAT. http://bit.ly/g7QSnm
  • 13:20:18: I'm really annoyed that preorder cards are on receipts now. Mainly because it's very easy to lose the receipt. Fucking A, Gamestop.
  • 13:47:05: Gadhafi needs to go, but that's not the UN's mandate... Jesus Christ, Obama. Make up your damn mind.
  • 14:03:48: Wow, huge contract by Craig Anderson. It looks like his decision not to sign in COL paid off, even if OTT is dumb as hell. @TheGoalieGuild
  • 14:14:30: There seems to be no way to recreate Ken Griffey Jr. in MLB The Show. This is not good. Couldn't have kept his stance?
  • 14:35:16: Found Griffey's stance! Thank you, Generic 79 stance!
  • 14:55:55: The patent trolls are at it again. #microsoft http://bit.ly/f3JIoq
  • 14:57:43: Here's the deal, FCC: If you can't or won't stop the AT+T/T-Mobile merger, you are useless and should all be replaced. End of story.
  • 16:35:29: The war between @ValleyIndy and @mozactly for mayorship of their office is much more interesting than us blowing up Libya.
  • 16:37:26: Did Colin Campbell actually do something right!? http://j.mp/hU6XsO
  • 16:39:07: The casual hockey fan doesn't realize just how massive a blow it is to the Canucks that Manny Malhotra is done for the year. He's the glue.
  • 17:26:44: Played two games with the Mariners. Finals: 4-1, 4-2. All losses. Yep, these are the Mariners.
  • 18:00:26: RT @DownGoesBrown: So Matt Cooke becomes the second NHL player to miss the end of their season and part of their playoffs thanks to a Ma ...
  • 18:54:30: RT @dmataconis: The British Parliament actually held a vote on whether or not to take military action against Libya? How quaint of them.
  • 18:56:16: Legend of Mana tomorrow on PSN? Keep it up, Squeenix. I'll buy these all day.
  • 19:00:46: RT @kstar1785: Sigh, girls are never going to be taken seriously in this industry if their only way to get attention is to use their body.
  • 20:10:08: Glass houses, Alex. Glass houses. http://bit.ly/gddpiU It's surprising to see him so wrong on something. @kstar1785 @DevilOfSparda
  • 23:03:10: Today, I found out that I'm back up to over 500 lbs. on the leg press. Not bad. Gonna try to max it later this week. Think I can get 600?
  • 23:09:08: And I'm home just in time to turn on the Flames game. Or as I like to call it, Playoffs in March.
  • 23:38:31: It seems Burger King fired their ad agency. Cry for them! They brought us the Burger King 360 games. Your marketing will live on!
  • 23:52:57: Calgary looks like a team that's out of gas. They've been burning oil for months now, and they're tired.
  • 23:56:00: Jay Bouwmeester, everybody. #nocoverage #fuckermakeshowmuch
  • 23:57:09: Clutch goal by Calgary! Goal by Mr. Clutch... Olli Jokinen!?

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Mar. 22nd, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
When NEWSWEEK recently asked 1,000 U.S. citizens to take America’s official citizenship test, 29 percent couldn’t name the vice president.

To be fair, I doubt most in the Obama administration could either. To them he's just the old senile guy they try to keep locked in the basement.

Case in point: they let him out so rarely I had to google his name just to make sure I was remembering it correctly.
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