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From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 01:38:39: RT @DevilOfSparda: More re: Devil Survivor 2: Not just Tokyo (yay, I'm sick of Tokyo); the game is 95% complete wtf Atlus
  • 03:20:47: In retrospect, playing Gundam Musou when my Gundam collection is currently inaccessible? Not smart.
  • 13:41:34: So it looks like Final Fantasy IV VIII hits on April 19th. Whatever. Just keep releasing those old PSN titles from when you didn't suck.
  • 13:44:14: I couldn't care less about Duke Nukem Forever. Didn't care about it when it was new, don't care now. Completely irrelevant.
  • 13:46:43: Ah, so the Arbiter is trying to sell me a "connected" service. No thanks, guys. I have a change system in place. It's called people.
  • 13:57:49: RT @widro: 10 years ago, the wrestling industry changed for the worse when wwe bought wcw and buried it #wcwidro
  • 14:12:24: Did I just... have someone call me out for being a *REPUBLICAN*!? LOL!
  • 14:42:41: How can I record video from my PlayStation 3? Will I have to run it through a PC with a capture card?
  • 14:48:20: It's official: SyFy is run by incompetent nitwits. http://j.mp/eBpVfS
  • 14:49:11: This is what happens when the champion of your hacking community is a 21 year old punk kid. http://bit.ly/fW2m19
  • 15:05:39: I love that @JimSterling haters exhaled when he wouldn't be reviewing DAII... then Joe Leray gives it a 7, same score Sterling gave DA:O.
  • 15:06:46: Ironically, the feedback is strangely positive. I'll bet if Jim wrote that review, it would be getting shat upon.
  • 15:09:54: Just learn to do what EA does: have pay to play elements, in a yearly sequel that costs $60 and is useless a year later! http://j.mp/fjV8ue
  • 15:18:39: Budget? What budget? RT @dmataconis: House To Vote On Bill To Put “In God We Trust” On All Federal Buildings http://bit.ly/ha24As
  • 15:20:45: Good little story on Marty and Connor Crouse of St. Joseph's. Too bad the site is GOD-awful. http://j.mp/g1Q5cQ
  • 16:21:05: I'm actually relieved that Elizabeth Taylor is dead now. She's suffered for so freaking long.
  • 22:30:29: All I'll say is this: it is March 23rd, and I drove to Easton in a snow and hail storm. Mother Nature is a cunt.
  • 23:19:42: What was the problem? RT @BreakingNews: Texas House passes contentious bill requiring voters to show valid photo ID to vote - AP

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Mar. 24th, 2011 02:24 pm (UTC)
Duke and I go way back. :-) So, yeah, gonna get that one.
Mar. 24th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
I've known SyFy was run by idiots since before they canceled Stargate Universe, though that was the thing that really tipped me off.

A show wins awards? Time to pull the plug, obviously.
Mar. 25th, 2011 01:41 am (UTC)
Hail? Jesus, shit's tame up here then.
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